Sunday, October 20, 2013

Where are the elements??

Great layouts using the template last week!  I love the monster eyes that Tami put on the Mickey pumpkins.  Lynn had photos of the Easter Parade!  I admit.. I have never been to Disney for the Easter Parade.  And Brenda, I doubt you all had to do the "shush" sign.  When kids tucker out at Disney, they generally sleep very soundly!!  I always feel bad because of some of the positions they are in.  And poor Amy - she couldn't get Linky to work because some dummy put the wrong date in!! Oh! That would be me!  I'm real sorry about that, Amy.. but I did correct that and I posted both your layout and Tami's layout via Linky on your behalf.

Someone asked me how I seem to get depth in the word art that I use.  It's one of those closely guarded secrets, but I don't mind sharing it with our readers.  After I bring the word art in to Photoshop Elements, I resize it and place it where I would like it to be. I add a shadow to the word art. THEN...  I add some additional layers to the word art.   And maybe a few new elements. In the word art I used in my layout last week, I added the pumpkin, resized it to fit. Added a shadow. I added the sunflower again, resized, shadowed. Added the gourd, sized it, shadowed it.  Sometimes, I add the word art twice. Making sure to resize exactly so it fits perfectly to the first one.  By doing this, and adding shadow to each element/layer added, the illusion of depth is created. I think you get the idea. I would actually have to go look at the psd file to know how many different elements I duplicated and shadowed.  Right now... my new hidden elements game is open in psd. If anyone has more questions about this technique, feel free to drop me a note at coyotelady at 

I did something a little different with this week's hidden element game.  My file consists of:

  • Eight elements
  • My photo which is grouped to a blending layer
  • The background paper

Which means, I hid those eight (8) elements within the photo. They are small. So I decided, I would post a 600x600 jpg (100% quality) and then upload the image to my dropbox, full size at 3600x3600 jpg.  To access the full size image, just click on the layout. 

Your mission - find at least FIVE (5) of those eight (8) elements.  Tell me (1) what they are and (2) where they are in the layout. Send this to me at coyotelady at  You have until October 27, 2013 at 7:59 AM to email me your answers.  If you have at least 5 correct answers, you'll go into the randomizer and one lucky duck will be randomly selected to receive a $3.00 coupon to Connie's store! Remember - Five of the eight elements must be found... you must tell me what they are... and where they are. The only hint I am giving this week:  all elements are from Halloween kits Connie released this year.  That said.. here is the layout.

Next week, I will post the layout again with the elements circled. Good luck hunting!!


Heather said...

Thanks! That was fun:)

Laramie Coyote said...

Great job, Heather! Thanks for playing along!

Brenda said...

Thanks for the fun game!! The elements were much clearer in full size.

Lynn said...

So much fun! I just sent you an email!

Tupperstamper said...

Fun game. Thnaks