Thursday, February 2, 2023

Thursday Round-Up + Freebie

How has your week been?  We've been iced in at home for the past three days and I've loved it.  I love the opportunity we've had to rest and just be at home without the constant demands on our time and attention.  Of course we'll be back in the thick of things Friday and already have a full weekend of school related things scheduled so this was like getting our weekend back in the middle of the week. LOL

Today is the last day of Connie's #2023 February being on sale.  If you haven't picked it up yet, today is the best day to snag the collection!


Yesterday kicked off the February 2023 Buffet Sale at Ginger Scraps and Connie's contribution is the beautifully romantic collection!


As you head off to take part in this Thursday's happenings, here is a lovely quick page freebie by CTM Theresa made with Wonderfully Quirky!


Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Win it Wednesday plus New Buffet and a Freebie!!

 Happy Wednesday! 

Happy first day of February! Before we check out the new Buffet, it's time to play our weekly game! 

The Rules:

1. Answer the question. 

 2. Email your answers to Use Blog Game for the subject.

3. All entries will be entered into a randomizer and 1 person will win a gift certificate to Connie's store.

4.  Entries will be accepted until Sunday at midnight ET. 

Good Luck!!! 


Check out Connie's amazing Buffet collection exclusively at Gingerscraps! 

It's 50% off until the 5th! 

Check it out @ Gingerscraps! 

Also new this week is #2023 February!


Theresa made you this quickpage! 

Have a great February! 


Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Take $2 Tuesday Sale + Freebie

In today's economy, $2 just doesn't seem to stretch very far.  Luckily Connie picks two of her kits to go on  sale every Tuesday for only $2 each!  She picked Teens: Boy and Teens: Girl to be on sale today and these are so much fun to play with!

Ginger Scraps:

My Memories:

CT Layouts with Teens: Boy

CT Layouts with Teens: Girl

Are you looking for a fresh and fun kit to help scrap all your February memories?  Check out the new #2023 February collection!

So many great kits to choose from!  I am going to spend a little time later today scrapping for a bit.  We had some freezing rain and ice make it's way into our area on Monday and it's still playing around out there so our school district let us stay home today.  I know, all of you in the North are shaking your heads at what keeps us Southerners gridlocked.  If you had to drive with all these other Southerners who don't know how to drive on roads covered with ice, you'd be thankful to stay home too.  Trust me, I know my limits and driving on ice is definitely a "no go" for me.

Be sure to check by here tomorrow for a special new release to kick off February!  I'm going to leave you with a cool bit of free word art from CTM Theresa.  Enjoy!


Monday, January 30, 2023

Marvelous Monday! Game Winner, Sales and a Freebie!

 Happy Monday!!

Are you ready for the first of the month on Wednesday??? I can't wait for February! Hubby and I are headed to Chicago in the middle of the month for our 15 year anniversary. What are you looking forward to in the coming month?

Kim K is closing January out with a $10 code to Connie's store! She played last week's blog game and won! 

Come back every Wednesday for another chance to win! 


Prep for the month ahead with the newest #2023 collection!


Theresa made you this quickpage! 
Have a wonderful week! 

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Sneak Peek Sunday + FREEBIE

Sneak peeks always remind me of when I was little and presents started appearing under the Christmas tree.  Those shiny wrapped boxes sat there mocking me with temptation.  Oh how I wanted to know what was inside them!  Even worse was when my mom discovered gift bags.  I mean, there was only so much you could do to keep snooping undetected when it was a box wrapped up so pristinely that any movement might cause damage to the paper.  Tissue paper on the other hand could be shifted aside an no one would would know, right? Ha!  I only tried that once, total fail. The tissue paper did NOT go back like it was in the first place and to top it all off, the bag was empty.  Moms know everything.

Good news for you!  Connie loves giving you a peek at what amazing thing is coming your way!  You get a glimpse into the future and no shame attached to peeking!  Today's sneak peek is sure to chase away any winter blues you may be experiencing.  I know my heart was brightened the moment I got a look at it.

Would you like to enter your name into a drawing to win this kit on release day?  Head over to Club Connie Prince on Facebook and leave a comment on the Sneak Peek post.  That's all you have to do!

Connie just released another collection that brought smiles and joy into my world this past week.  I don't know how anyone can see #2023 February and keep a frown on their face.  It's full of adorable elements and pretty papers to create with!

I hope you all have a spectacular Sunday and a wonderful start to this last part of January and first part of February.  I'll leave you with this precious quick page freebie from CTM Theresa that she created with #2023 February.  Enjoy!


Friday, January 27, 2023

#2023 February {NEW} + FREEBIES

I so appreciate you all understanding my SNAFU yesterday with the freebie.  I pre-posted Thursday's post and forgot to remove the freebie from our shared list in the CT forum.  I hate it when I do that!  Mainly because we love giving you special gifts made with Connie's kits and I don't like disappointing you.  I'm still not feeling 100% and my auto-pilot posting didn't go so well.  I'm going to make it up to you today with an extra freebie so read on and make sure you pick up both gifts at the end of today's post.

Before you scroll on down to those gifts, let's take a look at the brand NEW adorable collection that Connie is releasing today!  #2023 February has that adorable factor that I think many of us are going to love playing with this month.

Here's a closer look at the packs you can pick up in the convenient bundle (and save with just one click!).

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead and I'll see you back here on Sunday with a sneak peek at next week's new release.  Both of your freebies today were created with Outdoors: Fishing.  I hope you enjoy both!