Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Win it Wednesday! Plus a freebie!

Happy Wednesday! 

Let's play our super simple blog game!!! 

The Rules:

1. Unscramble the phrase. I used #2019 March to make the game. 
2. Email your answers to Use Blog Game for the subject.
3. All entries will be entered into a randomizer and 1 person will win a gift certificate to Connie's store.
4.  Entries will be accepted until Sunday at midnight ET.
Good Luck! 


Tomorrow is the last day to grab Travelogue Alabama on sale! 

Don't forget about Connie's Birthday Sale! 


Deanna made you this quickpage using #2019 March 

Get it here

Have a great rest of the week! 


Laurie Q said...

I guess my days of playing this game are over. These phrase scrambles are way too hard.

Susan said...

Laurie Q, don't give up. The game will change again as Shelby cycles through the year. :)