Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Funday!!

You guys really love looking for those hidden things!!  That's a couple of times now that I have given you the option to find one particular item and then you are golden. But no! Most all of you found the Hidden Sorcery Mickey and said you had to keep on going!  LOL   I love you, ladies!!

So, let's start off with the key to last week's puzzle! 

I ran you all through the randomizer and it says this week's winner of the $10 coupon is.........


I will be sending all the coupons out soon as I get this post underway.  I also mentioned that I would have a special freebie for you this week!! I'm going to be working my way through the Princesses. This week, we have Ariel!

Just click on that image and your download should start up immediately.  I didn't place any shadow on the entire cluster.  I thought I would leave that all up to you.  There are shadows for depth on the inner elements only.  

I hope you all enjoy Princess Ariel!!  And this did indeed prove to be a challenge on my extraction skills!  

I must apologize about this next part.  This is supposed to be a hidden element challenge. However, I do not have access to my little hidden ellies right now.  So what I have is the original layout to share with you.  When I get home, I'll go ahead and hide the elements, update the instructions and post.
If you want to play along, please leave a comment and I will personally notify you when the hidden version has been posted!! Should be Monday evening, Tuesday latest.

This is the King Neptune Fountain at the Italy Pavilion in Epcot Center, Disney World.  Isn't it beautiful?  There is so very much to see at Disney!  I used one of my old time favorite kits from Connie - Trashed, Tattered & Torn.  Thinking back to the beginning of my posts, you may remember that I try to match color. I do not always scrap Disney in bright, primary colors.  As you can see, I have a pretty nice statuary finish in which to hide my little Mickeys.   

I will also be working on another Princess Cluster Frame for you next week!  Feel free to leave your guesses as to which Princess is next!!   

Again.. leave me a comment and I will send you when I update with the hidden version!  This one should prove to be a challenge!


bekfek said...

What a cool page, Laramie ... love the colors of that kit. Perfect for that photo. Please let me know when the hidden ellies are ready!

Amy said...

I love to play along. Looking forward to hunting out the hidden ellies when it's ready

Jennifer Moore said...

The Ariel cluster is amazing!! Thank you. My daughter Jessica saw and really liked it.

Your Neptune layout is really cool. I will have to check that statue out when we go this summer.

Brenda said...

Thanks for the Ariel Cluster! I love hunting for the hidden elements.

MOPSMommies said...

Another week of fun. Please let me know when the hidden elements are ready.

Tupperstamper said...

Thanks for the cluster. I love doing the hidden elements. Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

I want to try this challenge. I didn't even send the Ariel one because I could only find 3!! Thanks Laramie!

Karen A said...

hopefully this works, I can't usually post comments on here! I'd like to know when it's updated with elements!

Melissa said...

I'd love to play too!