Sunday, November 10, 2013

Winding down DSD and create your own custom Disney pins!

DSD weekend was just awesome!!  I know I ran into a few of you helping Connie out with her chats. Those trivia games were sure fun!!  And I sure hope that Truth or Dare game with Connie and Tracy (Trixie Scraps) becomes a regular event.  That was WAY too much fun!!  I learned about duck face, deuces and speezing. Can't remember when I laughed that hard!!  Oh! Let me share with you the layout I created for that event.... and yes, the layout was the last dare!!

Who can do a better "duck face" than Donald after all???   Yeah. We had fun.  Click on the image above and look through the thread. Lots of great future "blackmail" material there! Not sure why they kept calling it that.... I must be missing something?????

So, three of you posted layouts last week for the opportunity to win. I think a few of you might bang your head for not playing my challenge and the chance to win!!  The randomizer mixed things up like this:

  1. First Place Winner:          Lisa Sim                         $20 Coupon for Connie's store
  2. Second Place Winner:     Cinderella Kelsey          $10 Coupon for Connie's store
  3. Third Place Winner:         Brenda Powers              $ 5  Coupon for Connie's store
I will get those coupons out to the winners real soon!  Just waiting to hear back from Connie and last I knew, she was spending time with X Cart getting ready for new releases this coming week.  It won't be long, ladies!   Maybe more of you should play along with us more!  You just never know what Connie has up her sleeve for me. 

This week, I am doing something a little different.  Kids LOVE buttons!  I love buttons!!  I especially love Disney buttons. When you go to DisneyWorld, upon arrival, go immediately to Guest Services and pick up some buttons.  You'll be glad you did! The pins are free and they will write your name on the pins with a Sharpie. 

Wear those buttons with pride.  You just never know what a Cast Member might have in store for you! We have received various things from certificates (autographed) to free desserts!  DisneyWorld (and Disney Land) love to help you celebrate any occasion in style!  Their pins are nice and big to decorate hats and backpacks.  Not only do Cast Members respond to those pins, so do characters!  Wear a "Happy Birthday" pin and you'll get more birthday greetings than you know what to do with!!  And it is perfectly okay if you are celebrating your birthday and the exact date was in the past or the future.  One year, Joe and I each wore several pins.  Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday pins.  Our anniversary is June 2nd. My birthday is June 6th. Joe's birthday is June 14th.  Our celebrations start Mother's Day and end on Father's Day.  

I actually have a pin maker and used to make all sorts of pins for the kids and their friends. The sports teams. Whatever. Been awhile since I used it, and would definitely need supplies again... but I found a great solution for those times you want to make something special for the kids, grandkids, or even yourself!

I found these on Amazon.  They come in two different sizes: (package of 6) 3.65 inches and  (package of 12) 2-1/2 inches. You might also be able to find them in your local craft stores, like JoAnns, Michaels, Archivers,  and Hobby Lobby are a few in my area.  I have an Amazon Prime account and love to shop there!   (The bag of buttons image is linked to the 2-1/2 inch size.)
Disney pins are actually closer to 4" as I recall, so I wanted the larger size.  I chose the 3.65 inch size.  (The image below is linked to the 3.65 inch size.)

You could use these buttons for all sorts of things, but I think Disney. You could make special buttons for each member of your family going to Disney.  Or perhaps a little button like I made for Savannah.
I'm sure some of you recognize Connie's Once Upon A Time kit.  Think of the possibilities!  You could put photos as well as names!  There is all sorts of clip art out there to make special magic for those who are Disney bound.  So here's the deal. I will share with you my psd file.  Warning: I am NOT a creative designer that knows how to put together those nifty template files. So this will be down and dirty, PSD only.  The great thing is you can open it,  import your own papers and elements. Make it your own!  My font is Started By A Mouse which is available here free.  If you would like my psd file, click on the image above for the DropBox download.  Please note my file is for the 3.65 inch button. 

It's fairly straightforward. You start with a 3.5 inch circle and work from there!  My pin includes a small border which is sized at 3.5 inch and lines up with the base circle.  I put a bevel on the name. I also put an overlay effect on a couple of layers, to darken the paper. And shadows, all of which you can remove if you choose!   I don't suggest using thicker photo paper. That makes it very hard to close the button up. (Want to know about mistakes, ask me!  I probably did them all.)  I would just love to see any special button you create.  Even if it isn't Disney related!  

Hope you all enjoyed my little hybrid project!  Thought you might need a break from those hidden element layouts! Oh! One more thing. I scrap everything. Of course I scrapped my pin!  Savannah is growing up so quickly.  And she is starting to love crafts!  A girl after my own heart. 


Lynn said...

The first thing we did when we got to the Disney parks was get our pins! My boys (ages 3 & 6) got "My first time" pins and my 9 yo daughter got a birthday pin! We flew into Orlando on her birthday! I wish each park would have a different pin, though! The kids wore them every day we were in the parks!

Tupperstamper said...

Thank you so much for the $20 towards Connie's store. I'm so excited.


Connie said...

The Disney pins looks SO awesome :) I love love them, Laramie! Great Sunday post and tip for making those.