Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pirates and more pirates!

So let's wind up Pirates at Disney this week!!   I have sent out the participation coupons for your awesome layouts last week! The lucky $10 winner is:    Marcia  Congratulations!  I will be sending you your coupon today.

Back to the park...   For those who really want to live like a pirate, let's talk accommodations.  Before the days of the "Family Resorts",  our favorite resort was the Disney Caribbean Beach Resort.  The kids (big and small) will love the Pirate-Ship Themed Beds.  I'm serious!! Look for yourself!

Go ahead. Click on the image!  View the gallery of photos of the pirate themed rooms!!  These rooms are available in both standard and water views. Both rooms have two double beds and will sleep up to 4 people. These are not the standard rooms and availability may be limited.  The Caribbean Resort has 6 themed pools, including a pirate theme!!  Fun, fun, fun!

And for something extra special... treat your family to a package from Disney Floral & Gifts! I will add this to the Disney Links tab.  Shipping to your home is an option, as well as to the parks to make your stays quite memorable. (Engagements, weddings, holidays)  Pirate lovers have a few options. The Me Pirate Adventure, He Be A Pirate, and A Pirate's Life. I did a search on pirate and turned up 21 different items available.  Click on my link to check those out!  Being a Disney World snob, I have linked you up to the Disney World portion. But for those visiting Disneyland, there is a separate area for you.  These little amenities can get costly, I admit. But they make for some really awesome memories.  And face it, it's not like we tend to get there as often as we would like!  So why not make it uber-special??

That is one of the reasons I love booking behind the scenes tours. Not quite a "behind the scenes tour", there is A Pirate's Adventure ~ Treasures of the Seven Seas which is an interactive adventure. Participants can pick up their "Magic Talisman" at The Crow's Nest in Adventureland.  There are 5 missions, each taking about 20 minutes to complete. You can start and stop throughout the day as you desire.  This is a fun activity for all ages. No restrictions, and no need to transfer from wheel chairs or ECVs.  I LOVE stuff like this at Disney!!   I have even pretended to be doing it for my granddaughter, when in reality I was doing it for my pleasure!  (Think KidCot stations at Epcot!)  This is a relatively new adventure at Disney, and I will be certain to participate on our next trip!!  Here's a sneak peak video:

Because we tend to spend so much time in the Magic Kingdom, we see the Captain Jack Sparrow Pirate Tutorial several times. Every show is fun.. each a little different because of audience participation, so it just never gets old!  The shows are about 25 minutes long and located very close to the Pirates Of The Caribbean adventure ride in AdventureLand. May I add that Captain Jack Sparrow is a super Johnny Depp look alike!  You really have to admire "face characters" at Disney.   There are plenty of videos of this adventure on You Tube. Here's one for your viewing pleasure:

Whew! Tired of pirates yet?  Hope not.  We have not talked about the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride!! No photography!! This is a "dark ride". A nice, slow ride with some small drops.  You do need to transfer from wheelchairs and ECVs. No height restrictions but kids under 7 must be accompanied by a person 14 years or older. And awesome. Did I mention it was AWESOME?!?!?

For those who venture out of Magic Kingdom be sure to check out The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow at Hollywood Studios on Mickey Avenue.  No height restrictions,  no age restrictions but kids under 7 must be accompanied by a person 14 years or older.  No transfer required from wheelchairs or ECVs.  Caution: This attraction may be frightening for young children. This is one of those "scary thrill" ratings.  This is new and we have not yet been to Disney since its opening in Dec, 2012.  More information is available here.  I would love to hear from anyone that has been to this attraction!

Before we leave pirates, be sure to visit Downtown Disney.  Lots of shops and things to see. One of the best stores is World Of Disney.  There are themed rooms for your shopping pleasure, including one for pirates!

I sure hope you all find this Disney information useful. I know first hand how hard it is to assemble things to plan a trip.  And we spend months planning our trips!  That is a big part of our fun. Making spreadsheets, checking times, locations,  etc etc etc.  I'll figure out some useful way to assemble the links on our Disney Tab. 

Okay, okay! I'm done rambling about pirates!  And yes, there is a game this week. *rubs her hands together*  This week, there is a new twist on the Hidden Element Game!!  Here's the deal.  I am going to be hosting a MouseScrappers Challenge real soon and Connie has graciously donated a kit for us.   I have created a layout of Pirate Goofy, (don't forget to find him for an autograph) using the new release Project 2013 October by Connie. Think of this game as a scavenger hunt. It is up to you to determine what is in my layout that is NOT in the P2013 October kit!  (Photos DO NOT count!) 

You don't have to tell me the kit the pieces that don't belong are from. Oh! They are from the upcoming MouseScrappers Halloween Mini Kit.  Tell me how many total things are in this layout not available in P2013 October, and you will receive the upcoming Halloween Mini Kit. Nope. I am not showing you the preview.  You will just have to go do some shopping at Connie's stores.. check out those previews for the P2013 October Kit and make the determinations yourself. There are links to Connie's stores near the top, right hand column!  Hint: There may be duplicates of the same element, and each counts as a separate item.  So be sure to count each one you find!!   Email your answers to coyotelady(at) by next Saturday night at 10:00 PM Eastern.  I'll get your kits out as soon as your correct answers arrive. The kit is ready to roll.  I feel so special... like I am introducing something!  Anyhow.. here's my Pirate Goofy layout with my lovely daughter, Chrissy and her hubby, Andy. 

Happy hunting!!

Aww.. I have to take a little pity here.  So I am adding the preview of the P2013 October Kit.  It will be easier to see here than in the stores.  I'm such a softy!

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