Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Hidden Elements Game!! Monsters In The Making Mini Kit is the Prize!

It's Sunday!  I love Sundays... how about you?   I hope you aren't too disappointed. I know I said we would resume scrapping the Magic Kingdom.  In a way, we are.  But there will be no font for you this week.   There is a font for Monsters called Monster AG. BUT.. and that is a big but...  I haven't found a site that when I install the font doesn't give me SERIOUS ERROR warnings. I love my Mac. When it tells me not to install something, I take it very seriously.   Therefore, I can't recommend the font to anyone.

On the other hand, I CAN recommend the Monster, Inc. Laugh Floor located in Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World.  There are NO height restrictions. The show appeals to all age ranges. Those guests in a wheelchair or ECV DO NOT have to transfer. You have special seating areas for you and your companions.  This being an indoor show, NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY is allowed. For those guests hard of hearing, there is sign language, video captioning and assistive listening.  While you are waiting in line, watch the screens for information on texting a joke to be used in the show! Your joke might just be selected.  This is a highly interactive show and many folks will be featured on the screen.  Be sure to watch for "That Guy". (I actually took a photo of "That Guy" after the show for my scrap book!) The "gaggle of jokes" are meant to amuse and delight the guests. 

I rather like including information on the rides and shows. Hope you all are enjoying that.  Even the preschoolers love this show!! It's hard not to love the characters from Monsters, Inc.  

Speaking of Monsters, Inc...  I have another Hidden Element game for you this week!!   Send me the correction answers and you will receive this super-cute Monster in The Making Mini Kit!  It coordinates perfectly with the full kit.  Let's take a look at your prize:

I told you it was super-cute!!  Just to make things clear, the hidden elements are placed in/on one of the three photos.  There are no elements outside of the photos from this kit!  I used elements from the full kit for my decorative elements!  So there will be no mistaking the elements for something used purely as decoration.  Study the Mini-Kit!!  The elements that are hidden are from that kit. Just know I really tried to  be clever this time!  The papers DO NOT count as elements.  That said, I placed three elements into each of the three photos.  So yes.. there are a total of nine (9) hidden elements!  Your mission - locate 5 of the 9 hidden elements.  Email their exact location at coyotelady(at)  If your answers are correct, I will send you the kit in return!   Here's my layout!

Good luck hunting for the elements!  I promise.. no elements are hidden under the banner! Just to show you what a good sport I am - click on the layout and you can download the image from Photobucket. I left it fairly high quality for close scrutiny. Alternatively, click on the image and save it to your computer directly from the blog. Whatever works best for you!!   See you all next week!!

Added:   Hint: A few people guessed the blue star ribbon. All hidden elements are in/on the photos.  The ribbon is not on the photo. :)  Laramie  4:44 PM 9-15-13


andastra said...

What a fun game. I sent my answers.

Laramie Coyote said...

Thanks, andastra! So one has found all 9. But we are good finding 5 mostly. One person still needs to find one more to get their kit!

This has been fun!! And I will post a complete list of the hidden elements in next week's post!

Priscilla said...

Email sent. I found 5 but absolutely could not find 9. Tough one. I couldn't find a single one in the lower photo! Fun game. Thanks.

Melissa said...

The image is really pixalated, so far I've only found 3, but maybe 5. I can't tell cause I can't zoom in to tell. :(

Laramie Coyote said...

Melissa - if you download the image from the blog.. or click on it and download from photbucket as I offered... you will get nearly full quality image. I did that on purpose and said in the post people could download it from either place. Just zooming in on your browser would not maintain the quality.
Feel free to email what you found.. I can tell you if you found 5. And you can still try. You have all week.