Sunday, August 25, 2013

Scrapping the Magic Kingdom: The Mad Tea Party

I am NOT a morning person.  Since Linky is set to accept links through 7:55 AM, I will post the winner of  the coupon probably between 11 AM and Noon.  But I will come and announce it today!

There we have it!!  The winner is Michi!  The layouts were all FANTASTIC!   I just have to share the full size version of Michi's.   The $5 coupon has been sent off to Michi...  and Connie was in a good mood today! She  sent me $3 coupons for the other two participants!  You all just have to start playing my games more. Seems we never know when Connie will give me extra things!! (added to post 8-25-13, 3:22 PM Eastern)

It's that time of week again!!  We're off to Magic Kingdom and The Mad Tea Party ride!!  It just dawned on me that for those who have never been to Disney and will be going, I should add a few things about the rides.

The Mad Tea Party is located in Fantasyland.  There is NO height requirement but children under age  7 must be accompanied by a person over 14 years old.  Wheelchair and ECV users  must transfer into the Cups. This is a spinning ride, but the wheel in the center lets you control your direction and speed. Want a wild ride? Turn the wheel fast and hold on.   Don't turn the wheel at all for gentler rides.  Even though you control the spinning, the teacup will toss and turn on the deck.  You may find yourself in a cup with Alice or the Mad Hatter. I really am not sure if the White Rabbit ever hops into a cup or not!

There is a color palette for The Mad Tea Party!  So let's start with that.  I have a photo of the sign.. and you'll see that the colors are great choices!  Isn't it just amazing how well Disney Imagineers carry through with a theme???

You guessed it! There is also a free font that is nearly perfect for The Mad Tea Party!!  It's called akaPotsley and is available free at or  You may also click on the sample below.

Sample akaPotsley.ttf font

Here's a second free font for this week!! It's called Alicia In Wonderland.  Also a very good font for The Mad Tea Party or those character photos with Alice!  This font is available free at or click on the sample below.

Sample AliciaWonderland 

Of course I have a layout!  Scrapping is what I do!  But this is a very special layout.  I was looking through Connie's kits trying to match the color palette and failing miserably.  So, I dropped her a quick note to see if she could easily direct me to a kit.  You know what she came back with????

Connie had made this mini-kit back in 2010 for a MouseScrapper prize!  I have to tell you... Connie is awesome! And...  this sweet little mini-kit will be a prize again!! We'll get to that in a few minutes.  First.. my layout!

You caught me! I cheated just a little and took a piece of paper from Connie's Project 2013 May kit. I wanted something solid for those blends. 

Now for this week's contest...  I placed two different elements from the mini-kit somewhere onto my photos.  If you can tell me one or both of those elements and where I placed it/them...  I will send you the link to this adorable mini kit!!   But please.. DO NOT POST your answer in a comment!  Drop me a quick email at coyotelady(at)  Correct answers will be accepted through Sept. 1, 2013 at 7:00 AM.   (Think of this is a "hidden" element quiz.  It's the two elements I hid in/on my photos I am looking for. Not a list of elements I used. Thought I should clarify since I have had several answers telling me what all I used.  Added to post to clarify 8-25-13  3:24 PM Eastern)

Here is another hint for those who are Disney bound!  You cannot buy gum in DisneyWorld!  If you need it.. take your own. 


emelyn said...

You are so cute, Laramie! LOVE these Disney posts. I really should start scrapping my Disney pages!

Connie said...

AWESOME post today, Laramie :) LOVE LOVE LOVE your Mad Hatter layout, so fun!

Laramie Coyote said...

Thank you so much, Connie.. and Em - you really should start scrapping Disney for sure! It's fun!

Leslie said...

Awesome and thanks Connie and Laramie

omgp said...

Please, I need your email!!! I want this awesome tea party.

Shayna said...

Cute layout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Laramie Coyote said...

omgp - It was in the post


Just substitute that at for the @ sign. :) I don't want those web bots spamming me!

Dannethia said...

Love this!!!!! You have mail!!

JeannieK said...

Great job on the layout. That was really great to give tips for people who have not yet taken the Tea Party ride. Interesting that Disney does not sell gum!