Sunday, August 11, 2013

Scrapping Magic Kingdom Continued - Haunted Mansion

This week, we will be scrapping the Haunted Mansion.  Of course there is a color palette!  Here it is:

Haunted Mansion is a favorite ride of many.  As such, you would expect there to be font that is perfect for those layouts.  The font is called Gracey's Curse and is available free at several places. Click on the sample to download the TTF. Don't you love the bat in the H??

Now that we have our beginnings to the perfect Haunted Mansion layout..  before I share my layout, I have a story to tell!  I thought I had talked about this, but I sure can't find it in prior posts.  On one of those magical "behind the scenes" tours,  the included ride was Haunted Mansion. We learned so much about how the Imagineers put this awesome ride together.  But one thing stuck in Joe's mind.  It's actually more of a safety feature for guests, but when exiting the ride, the wall on the right is "soft". Not an actual wall. Looks like a wall, but if you bump into it, you bounce off it rather than being hurt.  

I bet you know where I'm going with this!  And you're right!  We rode Haunted Mansion later in the day with Chrissy and Andy. As we were exiting, Joe was talking to the kids, looking at them rather than where he was walking.  He edged over and over until he walked into that wall! Of course he embellished on this... staggering.. limping...and acting weird. The kids were just mortified... until I started to bust out laughing.  They knew something was up right there!  So we told them the story and each had to try the wall.  (I don't suggest you try this until you know exactly which wall this is!) Yep, you're right. We're a goofy family.  

There are so many places you can read about the Haunted Mansion.  For older folks, I think that is probably the most appealing ride.  On our last visit to Disney World, we found that the queue (waiting line) had been updated.  It was now an "Interactive Queue".  (Click on "Interactive Queue" to see more about this update.)   

Doom Buggies they are called.  The special name given to the cars that take you through the mansion.  You've all seen that ghost or two than hops into the Doom Buggy with you.  Here is a terrific site that really digs into the secrets that make this ride so awesome!!  Imagineers and details..details..details... that is what Disney is all about!  Click on Doom Buggy and enjoy!!

For those of you who may have not enjoyed this ride personally, you can find lots of videos on  You Tube.   I rather like this one when I "go to my Happy Place".

Disney can really decorate and makes changes according to the season and holiday.  This surely applies to Halloween season. The Haunted Mansion had a special added to their photo spot.  The ghosts magically appear in your PhotoPass photos!   I blended one of our ghosts into my layout for fun.  That said, here is my Haunted Mansion layout:

I actually took from a variety of kits for this layout. I started with Connie's Blend In Temps Vol 1, temp 2 which is new this month in the Templatetopia!!  Papers were taken from: Blue Skies, Beneath the Beauty,  School Blues and Road Warrior. The clock is from Remember When.  Leaf twig is from Wild and Free.  The admit one ticket is from Mouse in the House.  Credits for the flowers go to Laitha's Designs, Insolent Passion.  (Haunted House just needed black flowers.) Credit for the blendable.png layer for the ghost goes to Jen C. Designs.

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Debbie Neace said...

This may not be exactly the same colors but close.

Layout posted at Scrapbook-Bytes

Debbie Neace

Laramie Coyote said...

Thank you for sharing with us, Debbie!