Sunday, June 30, 2013

Color Challenge

I have to start off this week with  HUGE thank you to Connie for saving the day at MouseScrappers and the Template Challenge.  No one had signed up... it was two days late posting... so I dropped Connie a quick email and just as quickly she responded with a Template for us to use!!   If you're interested, Template Challenge #174 runs through July 5th. Glad to have you participate!!  (Click here to check it out!)

Also, the Weekly Challenge is under way and the kit from Connie is MEGA-CUTE!!  I will share that with you now!

Isn't this just the cutest???  I can't thank Connie enough for all she does for us over on MouseScrappers.  If you would like to receive this kit, you'll have to come on over to MouseScrappers and do my challenge!  It's a color challenge.  Because of the holiday, our weekly challenge is actually two weeks this time around. So you have until July 9th to participate and receive this awesome mini-kit!!  (Click here or on the image to visit us at the Weekly Challenge #191) Remember, this kit is not for sale.  It is a participation prize only!

So - Disney trivia. We'll start with that today!  I have had Disney on the brain the last few days since I had to go to the dentist. Our dentist is always talking Disney with us. In fact, he even emailed me once for hints about things to do!  I laughed a little when he scrunched up his face, hand covering it as he was trying to think and place a location. He gave up saying, "I just can't see it in my head like you do!"  LOL!  Poor Dr. Mike!  (We had been talking about the Plaza Restaurant.)  I told him he just needs to take Chrissy and I along with him on his next trip.. and we will make sure his kids have tons of fun. 

I think in my initial post I mentioned how the entrance to Magic Kingdom (Disney World) was like the lobby of a theatre.  Disney is priming their guests for the things to come.  Excitement begins to build as you pass through that arch.  The Castle is up Main Street a way.  Fresh, and ready for the days fun, visitors don't notice that the walk up Main Street is actually an incline! Small one.. but incline all the same.  Conversely, when you are leaving the park, you are walking downhill.  This was done on purpose!  Walking downhill is a breeze, even tired from a full day of fun.  You don't leave with a feeling of "boy, this is a long walk".   It's true! One of the many thousands of details that Disney has paid special attention to in order to make your visit the best ever!   This was easy for Disney to accomplish because..... (wait for it....)   Ground level is NOT ground level!  It is actually the second story to the utilidors!  You must remember, that all the property that was purchased was pretty much swamp land, so Disney could build it as they wanted/needed.  We'll hear more about these utilidors in upcoming posts.  The utilidors are one of Disney's best secrets.  I first learned about them years and years ago when I enrolled my oldest daughter in a Art Program at DisneyWorld.  It was held under the park. I was SO jealous when she told me about all the things she had seen there!  By the time I got down there (and I had to pay for the backstage tour), it was quite different. Being the curious coyote, I did ask questions about this, and received answers. But again, that will be for the future.  

Here are a couple of layouts that I created using Connie's Tropical Escape.
The Spitting Tikis in Adventure Land were a no-brainer for me.  The tiki elements, flowers, and colors were all perfect. 

The Ohana Character Breakfast, held at the Polynesian Restaurant.  The background paper was perfect!   

One should never overlook the power of colors.   Especially when it comes to Disney! There is no "one" color palette.  I know everyone immediately things bright reds, yellows and black when thoughts of scrapping Disney come up.  And yes, these are the basic colors for Mickey and Minnie.  But there is SO much more to Disney.  Blasphemous, I know.... but very true. :) And no one knows how important color is better than Disney.  Every area, every land, every ride.. is carefully planned. From color to music. It all matters.  As well as transitioning from one to another.  It is done so seamlessly that people are totally unaware of shifts in color and music.   

That said, here is one of many color palettes for Animal Kingdom.  For more information about color

palettes (and more), click on the image.  I thought I fell into heaven when I stumbled on this site via Pinterest.  It confirmed what I had always known.   Gee, did I give away one of my scrapping secrets? LOL!   Seriously, I don't mind sharing one bit.  So, let's do an experiment! Using one of Connie's kits, I challenge you all to share with me a layout using the above Animal Kingdom colors. Connie has more than one that will meet this color challenge.  I don't think this blog is set up to show a layout, but you can certainly post a comment with a link to a gallery.  I would love to see what you all create!!   (Please be mindful of copyrights!  Your own photos would be appreciated!)  Here is my layout, using Connie's This or That: Animal Cracker Bundle: (The font is African - one of my favorites for Animal Kingdom layouts.)

One thing I like to do on my layouts is using one of Connie's Flairs in place larger circles.  By the way, my layout started with AnimalCrackersTemp1. Before I run off for the week, I have to tell you that the This or That:Animal Cracker Bundle is on sale for $9.99.  Click here!  This or That: Animal Cracker Bundles provides you with both Zoo Pals and Farm Friends. Read the description for included add-ons.  

Looking forward to seeing your Animal Kingdom layouts!
Until next week......

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