Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Take $2 Tuesday 5/11/21

Tuesday is here and the week is rolling right along.  What's happening with you this week? Anything exciting?  We finally got our lawn mowed just in time for it to rain again.  It was looking a bit rough but every chance we had to mow in the past month we'd have a couple days of rain and then have to wait for it to dry out again.  Maybe we'll get lucky and we won't have to mow until school gets out in a couple of weeks.  Probably just wishfully thinking on my part.

So what fabulous kits are in the Take $2 Tuesday Sale?  Connie has picked #2020 May and Sorrow to go into the flash sale.  Check your stash and if you are missing either of these kits, snag them today!

Ginger Scraps

My Memories

CT Layouts with #2020 May

CT Layouts with Sorrow

Have you checked out the May 2021 Template Bundle?  This is a great way to stock your scrapping toolkit and stay on budget!  Templates make getting that next project started in a flash!


The May My Memories exclusive collection is perfect for those who have a bit of the Wild Wild West in our souls.  Check out Wild Horses today!



Have a terrific Tuesday!

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