Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sneak Peek Sunday

I am so sorry that this post is so late today.  Some days my plans get all off and today was one of those days. I hope that if you don’t see this post on Sunday that you scroll on down on Monday so you get to see the peek at what’s coming your way later this week as well as pick up the freebie I’m going to share at the end.

Connie has a gorgeous collection debuting this week on Thursday!  Here is your sneak peek at it!


It’s absolutely stunning!!!  I am looking forward to sharing the full reveal with you on Thursday.  If you would like an opportunity to win this kit on Thursday, head over to Club Connie Prince on Facebook and leave a comment on the sneak peek post.  Some lucky Connie Prince fan is going to win this kit!!!

Since I’m running so late today I’m going to keep this short.  I love the printable greeting cards that Lori C makes with Connie’s kits!  They are always beautiful and have such depth to them.  Your freebie for today is a set of two greeting cards that Lori made with #2018 July.  The download includes two different messages and directions on how to print and prepare the cards.  Enjoy!





Robin said...

Absolutely LOVE the "Sneak Peak"

Priscilla said...

Thank you!

Susan said...

Robin - it's beautiful! Tomorrow's reveal of the full collection is stunning.

Priscilla - Thank you for all your sweet messages when you stop by the blog. It truly makes us feel good to know that someone is reading and appreciates the small gifts we get to share. You are one of those people that make our day brighter!