Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Take $2 Tuesday

Do you have $2 in your scrapping budget?  Then you can pick up either of these kits today!  (Both are equally as awesome but my heart has been set on Spring Delight ever since I saw it!)


Ginger Scraps
Spring Delight
Travelogue Massachusetts

The Digi Chick
Spring Delight
Travelogue Massachusetts

Here are a couple of layouts featuring Spring Delight.


And here are a couple of layouts made with Travelogue Massachusetts.


Stunning!!!  I love how Connie’s team takes her kits and creates masterpieces with them.  I seriously love the inspiration!  Each week I look forward to seeing what they’ve come up with.

The Ginger Scraps Bake Sale is in full swing and that means you can pick up any of these kits on sale for only a dollar from now through April 20th.  Aren’t these delightful?


Joyful Easter
#2017 April
Easter Egg-citement


Last but definitely not least, I hope you have checked out the April 2018 Grab Bag!  This one is at the top of my list for so many everyday layouts that I have planned.  From journeys, to wishes, to recent accomplishments this collection has you covered!


Shop at Gingerscraps and the Digichick. 

Instead of some inspirational layouts with this collection today, I have a freebie from Deb R. that she made with this collection.  Enjoy and I’ll see you back here on Thursday!





Priscilla said...

Love it, thanks!!

Angela JustmeAM said...

Hmm...I'm getting an error notice of "too many redirects" (Safari error). Perhaps it's me. I'll keep trying:) CUTE Bucket List cluster to go along with the collection I grabbed last week;)!! Thank you.

marlah24 said...


Susan said...

Thanks for letting us know about that Angela. Is there anyway you can try a different browser? I don't use Safari but tried the link in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and the link worked but I have no way to test it in Safari.

Technology sometimes baffles me!