Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Take $2 Tuesday Sale and a {FREEBIE} test

Don’t worry about the “test” word up there.  It’s minor and I’ll explain about that at the end of today’s post.  First though, let me show you the two kits that Connie has on sale today for only $2 each!  I absolutely adore both of these collections as they both fit my family so well!  I bet many of you can relate to one or the other if not both of these collections and you won’t find them at a better price anytime soon.


Gotta Pixel:
Talk Nerdy To Me

Ginger Scraps:
Talk Nerdy To Me

The Digi Chick:
Talk Nerdy To Me


Connie’s newest release, Push and Pedal is on sale for 40% off through Wednesday and this is one collection that I can see getting a lot of mileage out of!


Ginger Scraps, Gotta Pixel, or The Digi Chick

In final Connie Prince news for today, you only have three days left to pick up all these great products before they are retired from Connie’s stores forever.


These products are only at Gotta Pixel and  Ginger Scraps

What was that about a test?  Well, we have some things going on behind the screen that we’re needing to find solutions to.  So for the next week or so we are going to be testing out a different way to handle our freebie files.  If you aren’t familiar with Google Drive or getting files from there things are going to look a bit strange at first.  Then again, I only know how it looks for me so I’m hoping what I’m about to describe is what you all will see.  When you click on the preview of the freebie or the words below that I usually put the link on as well, you will see a screen pop up. No, it’s not a “pop-up” ad type thing but it is the way google drive shows downloadable files.  Somewhere across the top there will be a downward pointing arrow that when you hover your cursor over it will say download.  Just click on that and your file should download for you.  Let’s try it out today with this set of Washi Tape pieces that I made using Misadventures.



Have a great day!


Molly said...

Thanks for the great washi tape. Google worked well for me, and exactly as you described!!

KM Miller said...

It worked for me too. Thank you!

Susan said...

Sweet! I'm so glad it worked like I described. It's always scary switching over to new systems. We're going to give this a trial run for a few weeks and evaluate along the way so keep the feed back coming!