Thursday, February 25, 2016

#2016 March {NEW}!!!!

Connie’s #2016 series is hands down one of my favorite collections and today’s new release is a spectacular addition to this series!  Check out all the #2016 March has to offer!
Let’s take a closer look at all the packs you’ll get in the bundle.  (Did I mention how much I LOVE that Connie puts all the main packs together in a convenient bundle so you don’t accidentally miss one of the packs you love?)
And if you want even more special coordinating pieces check out all these fabulous AddOn packs (there are seven total AddOn packs)!
Connie’s Creative Team loves the #2016 series too and I can’t wait to share their lovely layouts with you for inspiration.  There are so many that I’m going to just share a few each day and here are four to get you started.
You have a few days left to pick up any of the sixty products that are retiring this month, be sure to check the store for a full listing (not all are shown here)! 
I was trying to create a new freebie to share with you today with #2016 March but CC Photoshop kept going crazy on me.  Finally realized it had been a while since it had updated.  What?!  Apparently at some point I signed out of Creative Cloud and it wasn’t getting updates. Finally it just decided not to function correctly.  Sigh.  I’m in the middle of what looks like will be a LONG update.  So, Deanna to the rescue!  Deanna created this really neat quick page with the Travelogue Louisiana collection.  Enjoy your freebie!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more inspiration from Connie’s team!  Have a terrific Thursday!


Hi everyone - Connie here :) Thank you all so much for playing along in this week's Sneak Peek game! I'm happy to announce that Joy was the winner of this week's Sneak Peek game.  Joy will receive a copy of the #2016 March Bundle as her prize!  


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