Friday, January 23, 2015

January 2015 Template Bundle Sale!

Connie rocks the templates and her newest template bundle hits stores today!  Check out the January 2015 Template Bundle!  From Big Pictures and tucked pieces, to double page layouts and lots of white space, Connie has you covered with this awesome bundle.
Ginger Scraps
Gotta Pixel
Scrapbook Bytes

Do you like to see templates in action before you purchase?  Connie’s Creative Team has lots of inspiration for you today!  I only have space to show you a few but be sure to check out Connie’s galleries to see even more.  I love seeing how the team combines Connie’s amazing kits with the templates.  It’s a sure homerun!
Thank goodness today is Friday.  I don’t know if it’s because we’ve been crazy busy since returning to school after the holidays, the weather, or something else but I’m worn out!  I’m going to leave you with today’s special freebie quick page by Deanna using Love You Latte.  This kit is amazing and I love the gentle feel of this quick page.



sleoner said...

Templates, templates, shish boom bah!
Templates, templates, rah, rah, rah!
Yaaay for templates!!!! (Can you tell I love these templates?)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! - Kat

Susan said...

I have the same reaction every time Connie puts out a new set of templates, Sylvia. I'm glad you love them too!

Lori Kobza said...

Thank you! I'm a bit of a template collector myself. I wonder at what point you go from collector to hoarder? I'm probably nearing that line. Or at least it feels like it when I'm looking for one. how do you all organize yours? Perhaps that could be a question of the day if it hasn't already. I'd love to know because what I'm doing isn't working. Nor what I've have done in the past.