Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Funday! New Hidden Mickey Layout!

Just the other day we were tearing another page off the calendar. Can you believe it is already August?  This year is just flying by.  One thing I would like to know from our readers - who went to DisneyLand or DisneyWorld this year?  Inquiring minds want to know!  Leave a comment below, please.

As for the jigsaw puzzle last week, you all did great!  Again, new names participated. I am always so happy to see new names and hope you make my little game a regular for your Sunday internet travels.

Here is the kit I put through the jigsaw puzzle maker.  Everyone sent me the correct answer: Project 2014 May: Life of Adventure.  You all rock!  Better be careful or I'll add some pieces to that puzzle maker.  I bet you are wondering who the lucky duck is this week?  Drumroll please....  KendiRN70!
Congratulations.  All coupons were sent out last evening.

It's time for another Hidden Mickey Search.  Still feeling a little guilty over my last hidden puzzle, I promise you I never touched the opacity when placing a Mickey Head!  I went with color and size this time.  I hid 17 assorted Mickey Heads. Some are just outlines.  I would like you to find 13 this week.
 Linked to 3600x3600 version

Same as always. You can click on the image to get a 3600x3600 version of my layout.  Circle the Mickey Heads. Send your circled version back to me at coyotelady(at)mac(dot)com.  You must have at least 13 out of 17 to be entered into the random drawing.  Everyone that plays along will receive a $1 coupon to Connie's store.  One lucky duck will be randomly drawn to receive the $10 coupon to Connie's store.

As for my layout, I used Connie's "Under the Sea".   The autograph is an extraction from our autograph collection.   It's a really fun kit that every Disney fan should own.


Laura said...

Where can I find the autograph collection? I have a couple Disney trips to scrap!

Jennifer Moore said...

Laura, I believe Laramie is saying the autograph is one of the ones she collected while at Disney. I scanned mine and extracted too. They're great to add to layouts.

Jennifer Moore said...

Laramie, we just got back from to the world last week.

Laramie Coyote said...

Awesome, Jennifer. Laura, Jennifer is correct. We collected the autographs at Disney. Then I extracted them for use on layouts.

Anonymous said...

Woo HOO! I Won! Laramie thank you for providing us with our weekly fun game!

Karen from Moscow said...

This puzzle is so hard! I've looked really closely but can only find 4 Mickey heads :(

Laramie Coyote said...

Karen - did you download the full size version? I know it is very hard to find them in the blog version. But I can't post a full size to blogger. I do make it available to everyone though. You only need to click on the image for the full size to download.

Katherine Pierce said...

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