Friday, August 8, 2014

August Template Bundle, Sneak Peek, and a Freebie

I’m sorry about the file for yesterday’s freebie.  It was working on Tuesday but somewhere between then and the time that the blog went live the file corrupted.  It has been uploaded again and I triple checked it so it should be working.  So along with the freebie at the end of today’s post, be sure to go back down and pick up yesterday’s freebie as well. 

Thank you for letting me know that there was a problem and being so understanding that I’m not at my computer during the day.  If there are issues with the freebies I’ll try to have them fixed within a 24 hour time period.  Most of my posts go live around 4 am Eastern time so best bet is to check the next day after that time. Thanks!

On to today’s news from Connie!  She has another out of this world brand new Template Bundle set!  You get 4 packs of templates (that’s 16 templates!) for $3.99!  It’s such a great deal and Connie’s templates are AMAZING!  This month you will find: single photo, multi photos, big photo spots, and a new pack of kick starter templates. 


I apologize that there aren’t any links to the template bundle.  I am haing to pre-post as I’m back to work and the product isn’t live in the stores so I can’t snag the links.  In all the stores you should be able to click on Connie Prince Designs to narrow down the listings and it should be one of the first products if you have it set to show newest to oldest.  We’ll add links as soon as possible! 

Be prepared to be blown away with the stunning creative layouts from Connie’s team using this bundle.  The team always makes fantastic layouts but I’m feeling really inspired by today’s set.


Gorgeous layouts ladies!  Thank you for the inspiration.  All the layouts were made with Connie’s kits and I’m always amazed at how the templates look totally different!  Look back at the layouts and see if you can see where it’s the same template but a different kit.  Okay, I made it easier for you, I tried to group some of them together so you could see them.

Be sure to come back by tomorrow for the beginning of the GGI Sale.  I’ll be showing off the full previews of what you see below.  It’s going to be another favorite collection!


As you head off today, here is today’s freebie using “Follow My Heart”.  Thanks for the lovely quick page, Deanna!




Sondrart Designs said...

I hate to say but this file is corrupt and yesterday's is still bad also. I just tried both and both are bad.

Anonymous said...

I also have not been able to dowload yesterday's or today's but would still like to extend my thanks for all the wonderful downloads that have been shared on this site. I am sure things will be back on track soon.

sdwrdt said...

Unfortunately, I did try to download the file and it is corrupt for me. Thank you for trying.

lin ann said...

Neither today's freebie link nor yesterday's are working yet. They look great.

Anonymous said...

Yes same here for me.. yesterday's and today's wont unzip for me. :/ Will try again tomorrow. .. Dee

Susan said...

Okay, I'm not sure what is going on, but I'm working on it. As I've posted I've been out of town and not with computer access. Sorry for the inconvenience and I'll get it sorted out for you. Thanks for your patience.

Susan said...


Robinson Nest said...

Is it just me that cant get this downloaded? I sure am thankful for all these freebies so dont want to bite the hand that feeds me :)

Susan said...

Robinson Nest - as of 8/9 at 12:00 CST the files were working properly. Try clearing your cache files in your browser then make sure you refresh the webpage (on Connie's blog) before trying to download. Those steps seem to have helped most in getting the files.

Connie rechecked the download for me and so did several members of the team yesterday afternoon. If none of these steps work for you then let us know. Connie said there may be some things going on with the server but she didn't find anything yesterday when she was chasing down another problem.

Robinson Nest said...

Hi - it worked when I clicked on the quickpage picture. I was trying to click on the "download here" part and that didnt work. Got it! thanks.

Susan said...

I'm glad it finally worked for you, Robinsons Nest! I don't know why it didn't work from the linked words but it did from the picture, but at least it worked somewhere.

The gremlins are still going through rehab but I hope we've got all of the contained for the moment. Here's for a much better week!