Tuesday, July 1, 2014

For those Disney Fans….

Back on June 24th I posted a freebie quick page by Deanna that was super cute but one of you brought to our attention that it had a slight “oopsie.”  The final letter on the WA title was slightly covered by a flower and it made the word look wrong.  Bless Deanna’s heart, she went back into her files for us and fixed you right up.  I’ve updated the freebie and the preview on the post HERE

The process brought several things to my mind last night.  First, I’m so thankful for digital scrapbooking where we can just open a file, make a change and resave it.  Unlike paper scrapping where something like that may mean that you are stuck with it or lost a whole layout.  The second thing that came into my head is this quesiton….. What would you do if you had paper scrapped a layout and there was a visual mistake like that?  In a tactile sense you could have it where the viewer lifted the flower petal to see the letter underneath.  But what would you have done?  Kept the layout or tossed it?

Yay for Digital Scrapbooking!  Where a solution is a few mouse clicks away (if you keep your layered files!)
See you Thursday!



fl_connie said...

Thanks Connie & Deanna! If it was partially covered by a flower in my paper scrapping days, I would probably have left it - but I can't tell you how many layouts I started over because of something stupid I did - or just because I changed my mind about the layout, lol! Don't miss those days!

Susan said...

Those were my thoughts exactly fl_connie! My perfectionist side would have probably tried to dominate and demand that I redo the whole layout if I was paper scrapping. However, I really hope my practical side would have slapped me silly and convinced myself that it was okay to leave it as is. Just another reason I love digital scrapbooking . . . a change is only a click or two away.