Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Take $2 Tuesday, Mixology, Retiring Product Sale

Find your comfy spot, grab your favorite beverage for this time of day, and settle in because I have quite a bit of news to share with you today.  If you have been a Connie Prince follower for a while then you know that she puts two of her kits on sale every Tuesday for only $2 each.  In addition all coordinating AddOn packs are also on sale for $1 each.  It’s a great way to save and pick up some of Connie’s products that you may have missed!  Today Connie has selected two kits that were in her This or That series: He Plays, She Plays.  Take you pick or at this price pick up both! These kits are perfect for documenting those precious moments of children’s lives when they are having fun playing. I love all the themed elements in these kits!


Ginger Scraps
She Plays - bit.ly/1j3iHyA
He Plays - bit.ly/1ox1lta

Gotta Pixel
She Plays - bit.ly/1ixUuKL
He Plays – bit.ly/SHkfn8

She Plays - bit.ly/1mHVogb
He Plays - bit.ly/1nvouwi

Do you like to mix and match packs to create your own Mega Stash collection?  Do you find yourself using more of some things and others not at all?  Do you find yourself waiting with anticipation for the Gotta Grab It Sale, Grab A Byte Sale, or the Ginger Scraps Buffet Sale?  Then make sure you watch for Connie’s selections in the Go Digital Scapbooking Mixology Sale!  Go Digital Scrapbooking is Connie’s new store and the Mixology Sale is just like the other’s I mentioned before.  You can mix and match packs that you want and save big! 

On sale now at Go Digital Scrapbooking - June Mixology Sale "Gone Fishin'"! Each pack is $1.20 each for a limited time!

It’s that time of month where Connie goes through her stores and retires some products to make room for more new goodies.  While we’re always sad to see any of Connie’s products retire we know she has even more awesome products in the works!  Catch these products before the end of the month!

Ginger Scraps - bit.ly/1lJuEZS
Gotta Pixel - bit.ly/OhOL4G
Scrapbook Bytes - bit.ly/19K9g1e

Have you checked out Connie’s Stars and Stripes Collection?  Over the weekend I showed you how some of Connie’s team used the kit outside of the theme to create some amazing layouts.  It’s still on sale for 40% off through Thursday as well.

Ginger Scraps - bit.ly/1y8D4zz
Gotta Pixel - bit.ly/1i4eAmr
Go Digital Scrapbooking - bit.ly/1n7Rl8o
Scrapbook Bytes - bit.ly/1oK0XM9

That brings us to the end of today’s news and here is your freebie for today.  Deanna made this adorable Quick Page using Mirror Mirror!


Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Thank you!! - Kat

Kimberlee said...

Do you realize that this says "Living A Fairytall" and not fairytale? I'm afraid I could not use this!

Susan said...

Hmm... No, I didn't notice that until you pointed it out Kimberlee. There are a couple things you could do to fix it as it stands to fit your personal needs. You could take the alpha from the kit and do a cute "oopsie" correction - sort of like an editor correction. You could cover it with a paper strip and make your own title on top of that. You could cover it with paper and used that for journaling.

Those are just some thought that popped into my head. In the meantime I'll see if our amazing Deanna has the original file and time to switch out the lettering. Though, if she's like many of us, the original file may have found the recycle bin and sadly you'll just have to pass on the freebie. It happens to all of us at sometime in our scrapping lives. I can't tell you how many "oopsie" moments I've had right after uploading a layout to galleries. If I'm going to print it I definitely go back and fix it but sometimes I leave it as a testament to the fact that we all make mistakes. I'm so glad in digital scrapbooking we can fix our mistakes easily - not so much in paper scrapping, eh?

Susan said...

Hey Kimberlee, I looked closely at the quickpage and realized something that isn't obvious from the smaller sized preview. The word is actually correctly - Fairytale but due to the placement of one of the flowers on top you can not easily see the E. It's there, you just have to look closely.

In paper scrapping that might happen and the viewer might just possibly lift the flower petal to see what is underneath..

Crystalnva said...