Sunday, June 15, 2014

Snow White Hidden Elements Key. New challenge: What kits did I use??

Can you believe another week has passed already?  Where does the time go??  

I am so glad you all have fun with these Hidden Elements puzzles.  Let's start off with the key for last week and the winner of the $10 coupon!!

The winner of the $10 coupon is Zanthia!!  Congratulations!!  I will be sending out the coupons to everyone shortly!

We haven't done one of these challenges in a long time now.  So let's do something a little different this week!   While Andy and Chrissy did not get married in Disney World, they did take their honeymoon in Disney World!  The wedding ears and hat are just adorable!  

The challenge is two parts today.   (1) What kit did I use to scrap this layout?   (2) There are two elements that don't belong with this kit.  What kit do they belong?  Please  - don't post your answers in the comments!  Send them to me at coyotelady(at)gmail(dot)com.  Everyone who plays along will receive a $1 coupon. Those with the correct answers will be put in the randomizer and one lucky person will win a $10 coupon to Connie's store!!

Lastly, I have that Snow White frame ready for you.  Please note that the image of Snow White and her Prince is an extraction from one of my parade photos. The autograph is also an extraction from my collection.  All other elements are from Designs by Connie Prince.  The frame is for personal use only.  Thank you!!

Wishing you all a marvelous week!!


bekfek said...

Any hints, Laramie? I've seriously been looking for almost an hour and can't find anything!

bekfek said...

I think I found it in the gallery, but it's not a kit in the store -- not at GP or GS. Oh, but I just found it at SBB. Wish I hadn't spent an hour and a half in the GP store!!

Karen A said...

Sent in my answers. I knew the kit but Bekki, I searched the SBB store for the other one right away. Not all of Connie's kits are at GP (Let's Get Coastal isn't)

DamselDesigns said...

I found the kit AND the two they don't belong elements, now to figure out what kit THEY go to!!

DamselDesigns said...

Done and sent!! <3