Sunday, May 18, 2014

Under The Sea

I really hope you all were able to get Under The Sea when it was the NSD Grab Bag.  Never fear though! It's still available. The image below is linked to the KIT in the store. There are other products that were included in the original grab bag as well.

My Chrissy has loved the Little Mermaid for years and years and years now.  Funny story; a nurse at my doctor's office still loves Ariel as well. She told me that she actually used to carry a "dinglehopper" and whenever they had spaghetti for dinner, she would rub the spaghetti sauce through her hair so she could have red hair like Ariel.  Okay.. Chrissy never went THIS far, but her love was deep.  I had to have everything in her bedroom Little Mermaid.  Chrissy was always saying, "Ariel is my life!".

Chrissy saw Ariel in the new grotto on her last trip to Disney.  Inspired by Connie's kit and Chrissy's love for all things Ariel... my hidden elements layout features Chrissy and Ariel.  The hidden elements are Mickeys again.  There are 15 Hidden Mickeys.  You need to find me at least 10 of those Mickeys,  circle them and send back to me at coyotelady(at)gmail(dot)com.  Your deadline is May 23rd at 9 PM Eastern.  Play along with me, you'll get a $1 coupon to Connie's store. I'll place all the entries with at least 10 Mickeys into the randomizer and one lucky duck wins a $10 coupon. You all know this drill, right?

If you click on my layout, you can get the full size 3600x3600 layout.  Ready?  GO!!

Next week, I'll post the key to the challenge and hopefully a surprise gift for you!  It might test my extraction skills, but I will give it the old college try!!  I almost forgot!! There is a very special hidden item this week. It's Sorcerer Mickey. If you find him.. you can quit hunting! Send me his location and you will be in the random drawing for the $10!!  

Happy Hunting!