Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy NSD 2014!!!!!

Are you ready to spend a weekend indulging in this craft of memory telling?  What are you looking forward to the most?  I’m not going to spend a lot of time in the shops but I hope to get some time to take part in the chats and crops this weekend.  This will be the first NSD in a while where I might have some time in our normally hectic family life.

Here’s a look at what Connie has happening today and throughout the NSD celebration.


How about a Free with Purchase offer?  You can pick up Fun With Photos with a purchase of $10 or more from Connie’s store.  Now, you’ll have to make your purchases all at one store so pick your favorite Connie Prince spot and fill your cart!  With the 50% off sale $10 is going to get you a lot of great packs!


To celebrate NSD, Connie has two (yep, TWO!) amazing GrabBags!  Check them out!


Gotta Pixel -
Ginger Scraps -
Scrapbook Bytes -


Gotta Pixel -
Ginger Scraps -
Scrapbook Bytes -

Connie loves to get together with her scrapping friends and fans to chat!  Now while some of us manage to scrap while chatting most of us spend the time chatting and the scrap later.  I tend to fall into the latter category most of the time.  It’s too much fun to add the random comment here and there.  Yes, I’m the mischief maker of the group.  Though now that the weather is getting warm in my neck of the woods, I’ll have to come up with something other than different flavors of hot chocolate to talk about.  Those of you who were in those winter chats with me need to know that the Land O’ Lakes Raspberry Hot Chocolate and the Carmel Hot Chocolate became my staple favorites.  However, the Mint Hot Chocolate and the Vanilla Hot Chocolate weren’t far behind. They are on my list of must haves for next fall!

Oh right, chats…. Come join Connie this weekend for five fun filled chats!


Connie also has this amazing Collab kit with Seatrout Scraps – Winning Formula!  What a fun kit!  Take a close look because I think there is a twist on what you think you see. 


Last but definitely not least on my list of Connie Prince offerings for today is the May Buffett Sale Collection at Ginger Scraps.  cap_MayBuffetGS

Are you still with me?  I think I lost a lot of people before reaching this point yesterday.  Either that or they were so excited about the sales that they forgot to pick up the freebie!  Today’s freebie is another one of Deanna’s lovely Quick Pages.  This one was created with Project 2014: May and I know it’s perfect for some of you to start a scrapbook page with!


I hope to see you all around this weekend!


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