Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tinkerbell Topiary Challenge

I would like to thank those of you who took the time to upload your layouts for last week's challenge. They were all wonderful!!  I have sent the participation coupons out, including the $10 coupon for one lucky duck.... BEKKI!   Thank you again, ladies!

Bending to the public demand.. we'll do hidden elements again this week.  Hope you all are still loving those topiaries! This layout has the Tinkerbell topiary and one of the fairy houses. Blended, of course.

I used "Ever After" for this layout.  There are 19 hidden elements from Ever After in this layout.  There is nothing "hiding in plain sight" as in the word art.  I am challenging you to find at least 14 of those carefully hidden elements.  

Click on the layout for the 3600 x 3600 JPG.  Circle your answers and email that jpg back to me at coyotelady(at)gmail(dot)com.  All participants will receive a $1 coupon to Connie's store.  If you correctly found at least 14 items, you will be placed in the random drawing. One lucky duck will receive a $10 coupon to Connie's store.  Since Connie isn't available to transfer the download to her server, it will remain on my dropbox this week.  If you have any trouble due to bandwidth, please let me know immediately by email  and I will come up with a different download site.   All entries must be received by Friday, May 2, 2014.  

Out of curiosity,  do you think that Tinkerbell is a villain??  Leave a comment with your response!


Pam K said...

Well, that's certainly food for thought! I never thought of Tinkerbell as being a villian ... but I haven't seen Peter Pan since I was very young. Maybe I missed something.
I didn't find all 19 hidden elements but I did find more than 14 ...
I did the last challenge with the hidden eggs; even found the golden ones & then completely forgot to send in my answers! :P
I love these hidden element challenges; thanks for another fun one!

Laramie Coyote said...

Then you should definitely watch Peter Pan. And when you do, keep in mind the villain question.

Hopefully you sent in your answers this week, Pam! Glad you enjoy the challenges.

Sandy said...

I wouldn't classify her as a villain, but I think she definitely had the potential to become one - especially thanks to her jealousy toward that goody-goody Wendy :)

Susan said...

I understood Tink's jealousy toward, Wendy in the original Peter Pan. I don't think she was a villain but a misguided fairy at times. She did come around to do the right thing when it was all said and done.

The Tinkerbell series of movies in recent years gives another look at Tinkerbell and I have to say my family and I love her! The latest one gives a huge nod and look at to how Captain Hook came to be. Who knew that connection to Tinkerbell?!

Great question Laramie!