Sunday, January 19, 2014


Those of you who attend Connie's Slow Speed Scrap have probably heard us talking about our fears on occasions.  My worst fear is that of heights.  I am petrified of heights.  I was very curious to see what the attraction, Soarin'®, was all about. Joe and Chrissy weren't terribly sure I should try it given my innate fear.

I loved it! I did not scream once.  Laughed a lot and even waved my legs around.  And wanted more!!    Soarin'® is one of the 4D attractions I mentioned a couple weeks ago. The ride basically simulates hang-gliding over California. Guests must be 40 inches or taller to ride.  Due to the nature of this ride, service animals are not permitted.  Guests in wheelchairs or ECV's must transfer. Children under 7 must be accompanied by another rider 14 years or older.

Imagineers created a 180 degree IMAX projection dome with aerially captured footage that reproduces the flight path of a hang-glider.  You will experience the sensation of flying, with wind blowing your hair.  You will smell the fragrant orange groves and redwood forests as you soar over the beautiful landscape of California.

Your car will be lifted 40 feet, which is something I never realized.  That would be the equivalent of about 4 to 5 stories depending on ceiling height.  Which is really getting a bit out of my comfort zone!  I hope I forget that statistic before I get back to Disney!!  Joe thinks I loved Soarin'® so much because I felt "safe".  I think he's right ...  Disney, to me, is one of the safest places I can be.  Doesn't mean I will ride the coasters or Tower of Terror.. but I will brave Soarin'®.

Soarin'® is located in Future World at Epcot.  It is a very popular attraction and does use the Fastpass service.  Don't make the mistake that many people make by waiting to go to Epcot when the World Showcase opens.  Your best option is to arrive at Epcot 15 - 20 minutes before rope drop (when the park opens). Work your way to the right side of the crowd by Innoventions West and go directly to The Land and Soarin'®.

Another good time to explore Future World is dinner time, when the majority of people are eating in the World Showcase. Personally, I love the Garden Grille which is located in The Land at Future World and easily accessible to Soarin'®.  There is a Chip n' Dale Harvest Feast that is absolutely marvelous!  The restaurant rotates slowly with various scenes of  Living With The Land. Of course, Chip n' Dale are wandering.

This movie actually depicts the entire Soarin'® experience.

This video is limited to flat screen viewing and doesn't have the impact of the 180 degree IMAX experience, complete with smells and wind.  And it certainly pales with the first hand experience of Soarin'® over Cinderella's Castle during the evening fireworks.  Very exhilarating.

I made a little freebie for those Soarin' fans.. or whoever else would like it. :)  Click on the image or the text below to download.


Pam K said...

I haven't been to DW in 13 years & I also have a fear of heights. I probably wouldn't go on this ride, but now that I've seen the video, I might try it. Thanks for sharing the video & your experience at Soarin'. Thanks also for the freebie!

Tupperstamper said...

I love Soarin'. I'm afraid of heights but never had any reservation about going on this ride. My favorite part is flying through the orange groves and smelling the orange blossoms. Thanks for the freebie.

Lori Kobza said...

Thank you for the freebie and your take on the ride. We're planning to go this Christmas for first time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! - Kat

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing. -Marie