Sunday, July 7, 2013

On Disney "Sustainability" and Dust Bunnies Beware!

"Sustainability is the ability to maintain a certain status or process in existing systems. The most frequent use of the term “sustainability” is connected to biological or human systems in the context of ecology. The ability of an ecosystem to function and maintain productivity for a prolonged period is also sustainability."

Walt Disney, the largest media and entertainment company in the world, has shown great commitment to the environment.  Disney is definitely "Green".   Conservationists will love this one!!  Even the cooking oil used at Walt Disney World is recycled into biofuel and used by local companies!  Think about it... how much cooking oil is used daily at all those restaurants? No matter how you cut it, Disney is very aware of the environment and conservation.  

From the very beginning, one third of the Walt Disney World property (approx. 10,000 acres) was set aside as a wildlife conservation area in perpetuity (meaning forever!).  And we all know that Animal Kingdom's focus is educating guests on the importance of conservation and preserving nature. 

So why am I thinking about conservation today?  PUSH!  So named for the letters on his flap, Push is a talking trash can found at Walt Disney World in and around Tomorrowland. Push is a real trash can with some Disney magic added.  Guests who decide take a look inside Push, do not see the well hidden inner radio control workings.  Push is a remote controlled robot that is very discretely operated by a couple of "plain clothes" cast members, who are within 20 ft of Push at all times.   One of these cast members controls Push's movements, the other is his "voice".   Yes. Push talks. He asks and answers questions.  This is not a recording!  

The next question is, why am I rambling on about Push?  LOL!!  It's like this.  Push was the first thing to pop into my mind when I saw the kit "Dust Bunnies Beware" from North Meets South Studios.  And we all know that the "South" part is our beloved Connie Prince!!

"Dust Bunnies Beware" is the daily download at Gotta Pixel and will only be available at GottaPixel.   North Meets South Studios is the featured designer through July 9th.   Some of their collaborations are so darned cute!!   I'm still laughing about the Guess What? Chicken Butt collaboration.   Anyhow, I dropped Connie a quick email and laughed, saying "I bet you thought you'd catch me on this one!!"  Connie had faith though.. and so Push was scrapped!

Dust Bunnies Beware from North Meets South Studios

Push The Talking Trashcan
I used one of Connie's Scrapper's Delight Templates (3) for this layout.  As you can see, I definitely had fun working with this kit!!  It is so hard to get a "feel" for Push just visually, so I am going to share with you all this You Tube video we took on our last visit to Disney.  You can see the video by clicking here or on the Push layout.  My dear husband, Joe, just told me I have an unhealthy obsessions with Push!  LOL!! (But I notice he did come watch the video over my shoulder.)

Just a quick reminder that Connie's stores are 40% through July 8, 2013.  You still have a couple of days to take advantage of great savings!

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MLA24 said...

My DGD had a fun encounter with Push...I may have to rescrap this page!!!

Laramie Coyote said...

Awesome, MLA24. Please be sure to share your Push page!

Susan said...

Love it! These insider information posts are fantastic. Thanks for sharing your video as well as your layout with PUSH.