Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fonts for scrapping Disney layouts: Part 1

Not so many entries in last week's trivia. I must have been boring and folks didn't read to the end!  You just never know when I'll have a coupon to give out.

There were 5 correct answers to last week's trivia question: In what movie does a New York cat teach a Hollywood dog how to beg?   The correct answer is Bolt!  And what a great movie it was.  Why it is not more popular is totally  beyond me!

I ran those that identified themselves through the randomizer... and here are the results:

BRENDA - if you would please be so kind as to contact me at coyotelady(at), I will get your coupon to you as soon as possible!!  And thanks for playing along.

For the next few weeks,  I'd like to focus on Magic Kingdom.  You may recall that I mentioned in a previous post that each of the different "lands" has its own look - colors, design, music, pavement, costumes and  even fonts.  Magic Kingdom is made up of the following "lands":

  1. Main Street, USA
  2. Adventureland
  3. Frontierland
  4. Liberty Square
  5. Tomorrowland
  6. Fantasyland

Walt Disney designed the park so that when you move from land to land, you don't see the other lands. Each land has its own style of dress. It is a rare occasion to see a Cast Member from Frontierland just walking through Tomorrowland, or vice versa.  (Cast members have magical ways of moving around the park quite quickly!)  It just isn't supposed to happen. It would ruin the "mood" of the "land".

While taking the Keys to the Kingdom Tour, we learned that you are never further than 30 steps from a trash can. Walt actually visited other amusement parks and counted how long a person would hold on to a piece of trash in search of a trash can before dropping it to the ground.  He came up with 30 steps.  That's a lot of trash cans when you think about it. Beneath Magic Kingdom, in the utilidors, there are small pipes that shoot trash to their waste disposal center at speeds of 60 MPH.

Next time you are at Disney, and are making the transition from one land to another, pay careful attention as you walk.  There will come a spot when the music changes.  This is done by how speakers are placed and positioned. The important thing is... it works!  It's all the many hundreds.. no thousands.. of details that have been carefully planned to make your visit "magical".

When you are preparing your layouts of Magic Kingdom, having the perfect font adds to the overall effect of your memories.  This week's font is "Magic Kingdom". Click on the font for free download of the TTF file.  This same font is also for use with Disneyland.

Font name: Started By A Mouse

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Please - feel free to leave questions or comments.    Next week,  I'll share a different font.  If you use the "Started By A Mouse" font in a layout, please share with us a link. I would love to see those layouts!

Until next week.....


Jennifer Moore said...

Awesome Laramie! Thanks for the font info. I had used that site before our trip to kinda plan what would be appropriate to do with a a 1 and 3 yo. I hadn't thought of an after the fact map.

Connie said...

Wonderful post today, Laramie! I absolutely love reading these insightful posts each week :) Thank you for posting them for us!

Mary @Capturing Magical Memories said...

Looking foward to this series!

Jennifer Moore said...

Oh and I love this site for where certain fonts are used.

Katherine Pierce said...

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