Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Collection of the Week and Hybrid Freebie

I am here with you Collection of the Week deal.  This week Cats and Dogs is on sale.  This would be great kit for your furry family members.  The deal runs from today until Tuesday.
Now on to my favorite part.  The fun things that I find in Connie's gallery.   I love this one by hy ellen.   I like so many things about it but, the thing that I really love and what caught my attention was the journalling.  In the gallery it was because there is a lot so I wanted to read it.  I love how she talks about her nanna and what a great woman she was.

 The picture is what originally caught my attention in this layout by wakeley3.  Then I looked at all of the details and is is such a pretty layout.  I reall like the few touches of pink.
Now on to what I am guessing is your favorite part.  A printable freebie.   You can download HERE.
Hope you enjoy.


Stacey said...

fantstic hybrid! thank you so much! beautiful layout too!

Chris said...

oh thank you so much!!! I just love the printable signs. This will be perfect on my mantle:)

Carol said...

Love this! It is beautiful, and I must say that I have loved all of your printables - they are all beautiful. Thank you! :0)

Tabatha said...

thank you for this, very pretty

Liz said...

The printable is beautiful! Thank you so much!

Jennifer Moore said...

I too love that Moonrise Half Dome layout. It is beautiful. Thank your for the gorgeous printable.