Monday, May 2, 2011

Chat with Connie TONIGHT!

Hi everyone - Shari here. I am so sorry to have missed a couple of posts over the past couple of days. I won't go into great detail but I've been having some serious trouble with my Crohns Disease for the past six months or so and this past weekend was about the worst time of it all! Please know that I was thinking about all of you (and Connie of course!) and feeling incredibly bad that the blog was being ignored. I'm still in pretty bad shape but wanted to stop by and tell you about a few great things!

First, Connie is in the Designer Spotlight at Gotta Pixel this month. She's put together a super sweet daily download kit for you ... Here is the preview and the link to more information about how you can snag this beauty for FREE! :)

Second, as part of her Designer Spotlight, Gotta Pixel is hosting a special chat with Connie in their chatroom TONIGHT (Monday, May 2) at 7:00pm EDT. Hope that you can join us! I'm going to try to stop by myself - and if I've been into my prescription meds, you could get quite a laugh at my dopey antics!! :)

Finally, Connie has four great $2.00 packs in the "Buffet" at GingerScraps ... check these out!

I'll get the CT inspiration posted as soon as I have a chance! And I'll do my best to work on a freebie for you as well. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Happy Now said...

Thanks for the links. Feel better!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better!!!

marsie55 said...

Oh, that's not good!! Thanks for thinking of us, but look after yourself first!!! Hope you feel better soon! xxx