Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Meet Connie's Creative Team-Madae

Today we meet the talented and wonderful Madae! Madae is a natural at digital scrapbooking and mastered pscs3 in no time to create some of the best layouts I have seen in the galleries. Our team was so blessed when we asked her to join us and she did!! Madae scraps a lot of photos of her children who are just too darn cute and her family! She is also one of the kindest and sweetest ladies and I am honored to be on this team with her but also to call her my friend. Below you can check out Madae's answers to the 5 questions and see some of her wonderful layouts. Here is a link to her gallery for even more inspiration!!
1. If not now, when? When I'm good and ready!

2. My greatest accomplishment is.....becoming a mommy! I had no idea how much I could love someone until my children were born.

3. I scrap because.....I love to. It's a creative outlet, it's fun and it's relaxing. I like creating a page that tells the story of the photo.

4. I can't live camera! I joke that it's my third baby.

5. 5 years from now.....I'll be five years older, hopefully wiser and still scrapping!

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