Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Kit & Free Album W/ Purchase :)

So I had the flu this week, I have never had the flu before I realize now. This is the meanest, ickiest stuff on the face of the planet I swear. I've been hurting in spots I didn't even know had nerves to ache! My silver lining today is that we ARE on the mend, by we I mean Hayden & myself, Will was able to get Tamiflu before the stuff hit him too hard! My sweet husband deserves a weekend at the spa after how hard he's had to work taking care of us, the animals, the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, etc this week! He's the fuzz on the peach for sure!

Through the haze of fever & mediciation lol I did manage to put the finishing touches on a new kit & get it uploaded to the store :) I call it Gentle Bliss & you can get it's coordinating QuickPage Album free with purchase. Just use the handy dandy BUY TOGETHER module in the Gotta Pixel store to take advantage of these extreme savings!

Gentle Bliss

Here is the Gentle Bliss QuickPage Album that you can get w/ the kit :)

That's all for today :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
Connie P.

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Roberta said...

So pretty this kit!!
Good job.