Thursday, January 24, 2008

Back On Track!

Hi everyone, Connie here with plans to finally get back on track & blogging in 2008! We've been so sick this month, first bronchitis and now the entire house has been knocked down with the flu for about 4 days. Not a great way to start Oh Eight! We actually got SNOW two times this past week *gasp*, it was the first snow that we've had since Hayden was 5 and he's 10 now so do the math lol. He was thrilled to bits & had so much fun playing out in it although I'm sure that is part of why we've all been sicker than sick!

I'll be back with an update of how the schedule of freebies, challenges, etc will play out this year shortly :) For today I just wanted to tell you about some random things that have inspired me lately!

I'm loving a lot of projects shown on Martha Stewart in time for Valentine's too, stop over there and see what you think :)

I've been given a chance to be one of the Altered Girls for Dani Mogstad, it's been SO awesome so far & of course I'm surrounded by such an talent how could I NOT be inspired! Check out our Girl Talk Blog to see what we've got going already in January!

And here is my everyday inspiration, Hayden. This was the first day that we were supposed to get snow & he was so anxious about whether it was going to happen or did thank goodness!

Please Snow

Thanks for popping in today, hope you have an awesome day :)

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