PU/CU Terms Of Use

1. You are welcome to use the kits, elements, templates, etc here for personal use. If you are interested in using them for commercial purposes (i.e. to make logo's, to use in other print media, blogware, web graphics, etc) please contact me!
2. You can make scrapbook page layouts & these are ok to post in online galleries.

-You are welcome to credit "Connie Prince" if you post your work in online scrapbook galleries, however, this is not mandatory.
-If you send the layout to be published in a scrap magazine, etc., I do require credit to be included.
-Do not break apart the sets to make tubes or clipart, signature tags, webpage graphics or to add to another scrapkit for download, CDs, etc. They are only to be used for your personal enjoyment and not to be offered in any other way, shape, or form for download.  *These images ARE NOT to be used to create signature tags, web graphics, OR blog graphics for personal OR commercial use. 

3. Do not share the products via any online sharing group (such as yahoo, google groups, etc)!

4. You are welcome to use my creations in your Scrap-For-Hire or Scrap-For-Other projects as well. You are only required to purchase the product one time in order to use it in your s4H/S4O projects, no additional licenses are needed. I only ask that you present your customer with flattened layouts, not layouts saved in layers where the individual elements & paper could be extracted.

Do not upload anything from here to any file sharing services (rapidshare, megaupload, etc) or other websites period!

All elements and alphas are saved as pngs at 300 ppi and are cropped closely to work well with FotoFusion and other graphics programs. Drop shadows are used in the previews only, the only time an element will have a shadow is if it's crucial to enhance part of the detail such as in a folded ribbon, word art, text, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at connie.prince08 AT gmail DOT com


Purchasing a commercial licensed digital scrapbooking product from this section entitles the purchaser and only the purchaser) to use these designs commercially. The purchaser may use the RESULTS of their design processthat comes from using the Connie Prince digital scrapbooking products commercially, but are not allowed to resell the actual Connie Prince products elsewhere. It is important that you understand them, as you are accountable for using the products correctly.

More Details
These are the copyright terms for Connie Prince commercial products. The bolded information will be provided with the actual products that are purchased.
This printable(s) or digital file(s) you have received were created
by (Connie Prince) . Copyright (2007-2008)


The graphic files contained in this e-file are the product of (Connie Prince) The single individual Purchaser (meaning, the individual who actually bought the product) may use, copy and modify these files for their own small business use.

They may design derivative work that they will personally sell or profit from as a result of their design work using the licensed materials.

They may design work for outside companies in which they are not permanently employed by. This outside company may not, in turn make profit from this design work.

They may not turn the derivative designer over to any company permanently for any reason.

They may not use the files for design work that will be turned over to another company or individual with the intention that the other company or individual will profit from the derivative work.

These files - which are to be considered a design tool rather than a final design product and are licensed to the purchaser's computer only and are not to be shared, loaned, rented, resold, distributed, transferred, or posted across a bulletin board, network, modem, Internet or web page in their original form.

The purchaser has a license to create derivative designs usingthese files - but is not licensed to re-distribute them in their original format.

Examples of correct usage:

Making papers that the designer will sell to consumers or retailers themselves.

Making a gift certificate for a company that the company the work is being done on a contractual basis in which the fore-mentioned company will not profit from through selling any form of the design work and for which the design rights to the gift certificate will not be turned over to the company permanently.

Examples of incorrect usage:

Making papers that the designer will turn over to a manufacturer to sell to retailers.

Making a gift certificate and then turning the design permanently over to another company.

Distributing the products (meaning as they are received from Connie Prince) directly to consumers.

The key questions about the terms of this license agreement include:

Who will be profiting from the design work?

Who will retain the rights to the resulting design work?

Is the individual obtaining the product a single designer working for herself/himself?

If the answers lead back to the purchaser being a single designer, who is profiting directly, and is retaining all of the rights to the resulting designs, then the licenses are being used correctly.

Do not make copies of these files on any electronic or physical medium (including CDs, diskettes, or other storage medium) for reasons other than back-up purposes.

Do not share these products with anyone.

Do not purchase these products as gifts for anyone.

They MUST be purchased by the individual designer who will be using them or it will be considered that the individual using the designs has broken the copyright.

If a company, partnership, LLC, or corporation is interested in obtaining commercial licensing for this product, please contact Connie Prince and appropriate terms will be negotiated.
Licensee hereby acknowledges that Licensee is licensing the Software for commercial use as decribed.

Licensee hereby agrees to pay liquidated damages to Licensor in the amount of $5,000.00 for any non-allowed commercial use. In addition, should Licensor incur any attorney fees or other costs in collecting and/or enforcing this liquidated damages provision, Licensee agrees to reimburse Licensor for all such fees and/or costs. The parties acknowledge that the liquidated damages set forth above are reasonable in amount, that actual damages would be extremely difficult or impractical to determine and that any dispute or potential dispute over actual damages would be disruptive to the businesses of the parties so that it is in both parties’ best interest to have determined the amount of such reasonable liquidated damages.

No Credit Required however it is appreciated if you do choose to include it.

If you have any questions about this copyright statement or wish to personally contact the copyright holder you may contact:
[Connie Prince]
connie.prince08 AT gmail DOT com

*Change in terms of use updated, 5/27/2010.