Thursday, June 7, 2018

{NEW} June 2018 Template Bundle!

It’s here! It’s really here!  One of my favorite new release days is here!  I get super excited every month when Connie releases her new template bundle because that means I have more tools in my scrapping toolbox to create lovely layouts to enjoy sharing with my family.  I know that anytime I use one of her templates I’m going to wind up loving the layout I come up with.  This month Connie has included blended templates, lots of photo places, white space, and a new set with banners.  Come see what Connie has for you!


Available at Ginger Scraps and The Digi Chick.


Aren’t these layouts precious?  I love seeing Connie’s templates mixed together with her kits.  Each kit will bring something new out of the template too so even though the composition may be similar it’s like looking at a unique layout.  Of course you can flip or rotate the template and add and remove pieces to further customize it as well!

This month Connie has a special store wide sale going on at both stores that you are definitely not going to pass by.


Did you see that bottom part on the flier?  That’s right, Connie teamed up with her designer friend Trixe Scaps to create a lovely Daily Download Kit that you can only pick up at Ginger Scraps.  Each day in June a new piece will be made available for free in the store.  Don’t miss a day!


Daily Download at Ginger Scraps!!

Whew today’s information has me a bit parched.  I think I’m going to go find a nice cold glass of sweet tea and spend sometime scrapping (yay for Summer!!!).  Before I head off though, here is your blog freebie for today…



Have a great day!


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