Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Take $2 Tuesday and update

Hi everyone!  Happy Valentine’s Day to all Connie’s Fans!

Connie and I are both still in the dark as to why some of you are not able to get the freebies to download from February 10 and 11.   We have not been able to replicate the issue at all.  A couple of suggestions that I’ve ran across is to try clearing your cache on your browser or to try a different browser.  Sometimes when there is a hiccup with downloads it could be that your browser is not getting fresh data but instead it’s just repeating an action that was unsuccessful. 

However, Connie did make a copy of the P.S. I Love you Cluster by Lori C. and we would like for those of you who have been having issues to try downloading that particular freebie HERE.  If that works we may try copying the other freebie that was having an issue as well. 

On to today’s feature – Take $2 Tuesday Sale!!!  Connie picked “Expecting” and “School Supplies” for today’s sale and I can’t wait to share the amazing inspirational layouts from Connie’s Creative Team!


Ginger Scraps
School Supplies

The Digi Chick
School Supplies

Layouts created with Expecting:


Layouts created with School Supplies:


You have two days left to pick up the February 2017 Template Bundle for only $4.99 before the packs are split up and go to full price!  Whether you are a template addict like me or you are trying templates for the first time, this is a great way to stretch you scrapping budget and get some fabulous templates!


Available at Ginger Scraps and Gotta Pixel.

I really hope our freebie download issue is done because it’s so frustrating on my end to not be able to figure out why some are able to download with no hassle while others are getting a strange error message.  I have exhausted every avenue I can come up with to fix the issue.  One thing that no one has mentioned is whether or not they could download the freebie posted on Sunday.  From what I have read in the comments it’s just the two freebies from 2/10 and 2/11 that there were problems on.  Oh, and one that Teresa posted but it looks like she got hers to work finally, I think.

So, here we are.  I’m going to try another freebie today and cross my fingers that everyone gets it to work just fine.

Let’s try this lovely Quick Page created with #2017 February by Lori C.



I checked the link before posting and it went straight through for me.  I’m saying a little prayer now as I press the post button!  Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!



Cel Andelin said...

I tried the QP and it downloads OK. The cluster with the new link gives the same warning. But if I allow it and scan the zip before extracting, both Kaspersky and MalwareBytes find no problems. So I feel the files are OK, and my browser, Firefox, is generating the warning and preventing the download unless I override it. The QP today downloads with no warnings.

Beautiful clusters!! Thank you so much!

Debra Haagen said...

I got the quick page and the cluster with no issues this time. Thanks!

Priscilla said...

his is a beautiful QP! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your beautiful QP's, clusters, etc. Amazing gifts. No issues with downloading. Thank you again.

Susan said...

Thanks for the feedback with details Cel. It may be Firefox didn't like the longer file names. I usually shorten them with bitlinks but I was in a hurry last week.

Everyone that has taken time to let us know what was going on, thank you for being so understanding and helping us try to pinpoint the issues. Looks like things are back to normal for now!