Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saturday Discovery

I discovered that a whole day vanished.  Saturday just disappeared.  I have been busy putting things back in order after being gone for a few days last week and before I realized it, the middle of the afternoon crept up on me and I still hadn’t even gotten cleaned up for the day.  Blog post?  What?  Sorry Connie fans.  I should have done it pretty much first thing this morning. 

Let’s see, what was I supposed to be blogging about today?  Oh, right!  Connie’s additions to her Travelogue series!  The luck o’ the Irish is with you in Travelogue Ireland and the night life of the French Quarter is begging for you to visit just so you can use Travelogue Louisiana!


Ginger Scraps, Gotta Pixel, and The Digi Chick

cap_travelLAALL (1)

Ginger Scraps, Gotta Pixel, and The Digi Chick

Before this next week is up make sure you check out the February Retiring Products Sale!  You don’t want to miss your last chance to pick up any of these packs before they are moved into Connie’s Vault. 


Ginger Scraps and Gotta Pixel

Today’s freebie is another lovely quick page by the talented Deanna created with Travelogue Louisiana.



Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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