Friday, January 22, 2016

Football Fan Friday

Love the alliteration with Connie’s new colleciton in the title!  I bet some of you could use that as a layout title as well.  What’s your favorite part of Connie’s new collection?  If you could have any one freebie made to go along with this collection what would it be (besides quick pages because we have you covered on that one)?  Let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do for Saturday’s freebie. Let’s take another look at Football Fan!


You can get all this collection at Ginger Scraps, Gotta Pixel, and The Digi Chick.

Here are some more layouts for your weekend inspiration from Connie’s Creative Team using Football Fan.

cap_footballfan_BGNov2015_22013-08-01-goingforthetouchdown_sm24118788969_567076003a_z23872117473_0366713da7_zcap_footballfan_bees 600 x 600cap_footballfan_sophmore 600 x 600

Cheerleader mini_zpsr5qlopogFootball 2_zps9soig1nsso4cqaFootball dana 1_zpszhhsvdi2

The January 2016 Retiring Product Sale is a wonderful way for all you new scrappers to build your stash with fabulous Connie Prince Products.  Connie has to make room in her stores for all the new collections she’s creating and that means that she picks some of her older products to retire.  I just saw a pack of templates that I missed some how!  I love the way one of them looks like it has rays of papers behing the main photo so I know I’m going to go put that in my cart as soon as I finish this post. 


These are on sale at Ginger Scraps and Gotta Pixel.

Today’s freebie coordinates with yesterday’s freebie.  It’s second wonderful quick page by Deanna using Football Fan.  Enjoy your Friday Freebie and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.  Remember, let me know what you would like to see as a freebie with this week’s new collection and I’ll see what I can do for Saturday’s freebie!




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Thank you for the really cute QP!

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thank you ! - Kat

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THANK YOU bunches :)

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