Friday, December 18, 2015

12 Days of Christmas {Day 6}

On the 6th Day of Christmas, Connie gave to me........


Yesterday Connie had two new releases.  First is a special kit inspired by the celebration of Hanukkah.  I put this on my wish list thinking ahead to next year.  This kit can be used for more than the theme though.  Check out the inspiration from Connie's Creative Team to see some of their "out of the box" layouts.


The second new release from yesterday is a part of the Travelogue Series.  This time Connie takes us on a trip to Nevada.  It's one state I've never been to but this kit sure makes it look like a fun place!

Ginger ScrapsGotta Pixel, and The Digi Chick


I want to apologize for any strange formatting or errors in my blog posts lately.  I have used Windows Live Writer for about 8 years to write all my blog posts.  Earlier this year, it stopped working with Blogger.  Windows said they weren't going to provide and more updates/support and that the program was going to go the way of the dinosaurs.  However, there was an outcry from bloggers all over the world and Google and Windows worked together for a temporary fix.  Well, the honeymoon is over.  Blooger and LiveWriter have again quit playing nice and I'm relearning the ins and outs of posting from Blogger itself.  It just happened at one of the most busy times for me when my brain is pretty much fried at the end of each long work/performance day.  Using LiveWriter was like blogging on autopilot.  I'm having to think through each step with Blogger and haven't figured out how to make some things look similar to what I did in LiveWriter.  Please bear with me while I transition once again.  Hopefully over Christmas Break, when my mind isn't overloaded with work, I'll get most of it figured out.


Today's freebie is a Quick Page from the talented Deanna using "Be Still."  Enjoy this beautiful gift and have a fabulous Friday!


~Live, laugh, scrap~


Mary Tincher said...

Thank you!

Gwendolyn Young said...

Beautiful Quick Page, Connie, thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! - Kat

Lori Kobza said...

You are awesome Susan! Regardless of what your posts look like. And to be honest I haven't really noticed a difference. As long as I can read the text and see the great layouts I'm good. More importantly is that you enjoy making them :-)

Susan said...

I love posting about Connie's awesome designs and sharing things with all of you, Lori! Thank you for your sweet words. I'm off to get busy creating some new goodies for Connie's fans....