Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Funday!

You ladies are too good!!  Or we are just all Disney fans at heart!  The winner of the coupon for last week's Disney Trivia Hero Quiz is Karen Robinson!  I will be getting your coupons out just as soon as I get the post up!  Sorry to be late. We started building an ark here!  All this rain. Our basement has  way more water in it that I care to admit.  The ground is totally saturated!  So many floods around here it isn't funny. I just don't get the warning about "Turn around don't drown" though.  As if people really need to be warned.  (I guess maybe some do or they wouldn't bother??)  I don't mind the water so much. Just wish it would quit affecting my internet already! Grrrrrrrrrr!

That said... here are the answers to last week's Hero Trivia Quiz! 

1. Which of the following heroes dos not experience physical transformation?
b. John Smith

2.  Which hero wields a sword, has his own horse, and has to be coached by a monarch to chase his girl?
d. Shang (Shang has a sword and a horse, like Phillip, Phoebos and Herc, but the emperor says to him "You don't meet a girl like that every dynasty!" and he goes after Mulan.)

3. Which hero doesn't sing (even in his thoughts)?
d. Eric

4. Which red-handed hero kisses his girl with his eyes open?
a. Taran    (A lesser known hero in The Black Cauldron.)

5. Which hero, even though he has several opportunities, does NOT end up with a girl?
d. Kuzco (Kuzco was offered  seven brides and turned them all down because they weren't good enough! The Emperor's New Groove)

6. Which hero has a goatee?
d. Phoebus (Phoebus was a more mature hero, probably not a teenager as most Disney heroes are. He had a little bit of facial hair. Hunchback of Notre Dame))

7. Who was Disney's first blonde here?
c. Arthur  (The Sword in the Stone)

8. Which slick hero had a yellow hat, green slippers and also got the girl?
c. Robin Hood (Peter Pan and Robin Hood have similar outfits, but Peter stayed a swinging single.)

9. Lots of heroes are missing at last ONE parent by the half-way point in a movie. Which hero's parent didn't DIE, but just ran off?
b. Jim Hawkins  (Treasure Island)

10. Which hero becomes a surrogate father, gets the girl AND is voiced by Phil Harris?
b. Thomas O'Malley  (Phil Harris was actually in three Disney movies, and played a bear in two of them!   Aristocats)

Okay. I am going to be brave and try another Jigsaw Puzzle.  Hopefully, there are no browsers issues. I use a Mac as you all should know. But I am testing this out on Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.  Remember that you need to have flash so don't try to use a mobile device.

Online jigsaw puzzles from

It appears to be functioning under those browsers but if anyone has any trouble, give me a holler and I can get you a direct link to the puzzle.  What you need to tell me is the name of the kit used in this layout!  The layout is posted to The DigiChick, Gotta Pixel and GingerScraps Connie Prince Galleries. Email your answer to me at coyotelady(at)gmail(dot)com by July 3, 2015 at 9 PM.  

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