Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Funday

The solution to last week's Jigsaw Puzzle -  the layout is Snow White by  Brenda Powers.  The kit is Mirror, Mirror.  Brenda also used a template from Connie's Four Or More, Vol 8.  The randomizer selected mscrafts8 as the winner of the $10 coupon!  

Connie is up in Tennessee with hubby, Will. Celebrating their anniversary!!  She will get me the coupons for you all when she gets back home.  I will send them out once I receive them. I sure hope Connie and Will had an awesome time!!

I was thinking of another Disney Trivia Quiz for today.  25 questions.  The average score is 19/25.  So to be eligible for the drawing, you will need to have 19 correct answers.   You have until Friday, June 19, 2015 at 9 PM Eastern to email me your answers.  (Please be sure to send both question and answers.)  Send to coyotelady(at)gmail(dot)com.  

1. I am the proud owner of two eels. I also at one point ruled the sea. Who am I?

2. I own two Doberman Pincers and like to smoke cigars. I drive myself around in a limousine. Who am I?

3. I was once the most powerful sorcerer in the world. I even turned myself into a snake. Who am I?

4. I am God of the Underworld and a very big hot head.  Who am I?

5. There's no man in town half as manly. Every last bit of me's covered with hair. Who am I?

6. I Prowl on all fours. I am very striped and don't much care for man cubs. Who am I?

7. We haunted Dumbo when he was drunk.  Who are we?

8. Croquet anyone? No? Off with your head!  Who am I?

9. I really like "lion" around and the song "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts". Who am I?

10. We think wherever baby is, there's milk near by.  Who are we?

11.  We hate cats. We love to eat them though. And we are pretty fond of Rita. Who are we?

12.  I own a kitty and I'm NOT the world's biggest rat!   Who am I?

13. I came to get gold, but found those damn Indians.  Who am I?

14. Actually, I was considered to be the very first real animate villain. I tormented Mickey in his Steamboat. Who am I?

15. I got a little wooden puppet to sing on stage. Who am I?

16. I own a cat named Lucifer and have two daughters. Who am I?

17. I am the Evil Genius behind Experiment 626. Who am I?

18. I headed a team of explorers to a lost continent and died after trying to take their life force. Who am I?

19.  I tried to poison the Emperor but ended  up turning him into a llama. Who am I?

20. I was hired for protection but wanted to bag myself a Gorilla. Who am I?

21.  I tortue toys with barbecues, rockets and firecrackers. Who am I?

22. I expect ants to pick food for my group of friends. And I really hate birds. Who am I?

23. I was trying to find the nesting place for my herb until that Aladar came. Who am I?

24.  I befriended a young lad on a ship run by a talking cat. I also have a pet, Morph. Who am I?

25  What is the name of the pegleg sidekick to the villain in "The Great Mouse Detective"? (One word answer.)

If you would copy the questions into an email and then add your answers, that would be terrific!!  Good luck everyone!!  

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