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Sunday Funday - Word Search

Morning, ladies!  I must say that I have no idea why some of you had trouble with the copying and pasting of last week's trivia quiz. I do apologize for that!  Let's see if I can get it copied here for the answers. Oddly enough, it copied into the post. It even allowed me to do the answers in the post. When I went to preview, nothing. I think I'll avoid that method in the future! That said.. let's see what I can figure out now! Not perfect, but I think this will work. 
  • "I live under the sea and have two eel friends; I will give you your desire if you have something to lend." Who am I?  
    • URSULA, the sea witch, gives Ariel sea legs in exchange for her voice. Once Ariel is on land, Ursula goes back on her word and takes human form to try and steal Prince Eric away! Ursula is a sneaky one!
  • "If I don't scare you, then surely my horrible taste in fashion will!" Who am I? 
    • Surely one of the most underhanded of the baddies, CRUELLA DE VIL acts as a friend to Anita and Jim and then snatches their puppies right from underneath their noses! Cruella's obsession over Dalmatian fur and her black and white hair make her number one among the "Fashion Don'ts" in villainy.
  • "If you are deemed the Fairest of Them All,' watch out for my apple which may lead to your downfall." Who am I? 
    • The first of the evil ladies, THE EVIL QUEEN is definitely the vainest one. She was willing to kill her stepdaughter, Snow White, just so that she could be the prettiest woman in all the land. The Queen is so persistent that she was willing to transform herself into a hag; and she would have succeeded too, if it weren't for those darned dwarfs!
  • "I want to be the greatest sorcerer in the land, but when I become a genie my plans are foiled when I'm buried in the sand!" Who am I? 
    • JAFAR is the Sultan's assistant who has his eyes on the Sultanate and Princess Jasmine. With the help of his annoying parrot, Iago, he takes control of the palace and then Genie. Only when he wishes himself into a genie is Aladdin able to trap him into his lamp for hopefully eternity. He later escapes in "The Return of Jafar."
  • "I am a notorious pirate who had two good hands, until a nasty crocodile came along and ruined my plans." Who am I? 
    • CAPTAIN HOOK is one of the more famous baddies because of the hook on his hand. A hungry crocodile ate his hand, but Hook knows when he is coming along because the animal also ate a clock which ticks when it is coming along. Hook is always trying to defeat Peter Pan, but meets his end when he and Peter sword fight and Peter lets him fall into the crocodile's open jaws.
  • "I am a very rich widow with two eligible girls, but my stepdaughter makes me want to hurl!" Who am I? 
    • LADY TREMAINE may not have any magical powers, but her cruel treatment of Cinderella is still very sinister. Jealous of Cinderella from the start, Lady Tremaine makes her nothing better than a slave, hoping the beautiful young maiden will never have the opportunity to one up her own daughters, Anastasia and Drizella. She is a very greedy woman, and stops at nothing for the opportunity to move up in social status.
  • "With transformation powers and a raven for a pet, I doom a princess to death before the sun sets." Who am I?    
    • In my opinion, MALEFICENT is the most evil villain of them all. Maleficent is an extremely jealous fairy who places a curse on Princess Aurora because she did not receive an invite to the party. She has goons as her henchmen, but her raven is her closest companion and does some of her dirty work. She later captures the prince and and even transforms into a dragon to keep him from saving Princess Aurora, but he stabs the sword of truth through her heart and kills her.
      • The actress who voiced Maleficent, Eleanor Audley, also voiced Lady Tremaine
      • I think everyone knows that Maleficent is MY personal favorite Disney character!
  • "I am as charming and handsome and good-looking as can be, but I need a wife who is as perfect as me!" Who am I? 
    • GASTON, the vainest of the male villains, knows that he is the most attractive man in his town, but he also has no brains. He chases after Belle in the attempt to get her to be his wife, but she is disgusted with him. Like any other villain, he can not see to the heart, and attempts to kill the Beast just because he is hideous. Gaston finally meets his demise when he loses his footing on the ceiling of the Beast's castle.
  • "I love the color purple and with my appearance I'm smitten, I want to be emperor but am turned into a kitten." Who am I?  
    • One of the more interesting Disney villains, YZMA is very smart, skilled at chemistry, and has a burning desire to be the emperor by any means possible, even killing Kuzco. Of course, that plan goes wrong, and Kuzco is turned into a llama. But she gets her comeuppance at the end when she is accidentally transformed into a kitten by one of her own potions. The voice of Yzma was Eartha Kitt, who passed away December 25, 2008.
  • "I'm greedy and cruel with big red hair, when I find the Devil's Eye I do not intend to share." Who am I?     
    • MADAME MEDUSA grabs the young orphan Penny and takes her down to the Everglades in the Devil's Bayou where she hopes to find The Devil's Eye, a huge diamond that has never been discovered. Of course, she treats Penny horribly and makes Penny risk drowning to get the diamond for her. She has two pet alligators that later turn on her after Penny and her animal friends attack Medusa and escape.
Again, the average score for this particular quiz was 8 out of 10. You all are above average!! I almost forgot to announce the winner!! Congratulations goes to Stacey1!! Coupons were sent out last night for everyone.

So I had this idea! We've done two trivia quizzes now. Princesses and Villains. Let's take all those answers and put them into a Word Search!

Click somewhere in the Word Search Puzzle and you will automatically download a JPG version. I would appreciate if you would just draw lines rather than trying to circle. Once you have solved the Word Search, go ahead and save it, then email it back to me at coyotelady(at)gmail(dot)com by Friday, June 5, 2015 at 9:00 PM Eastern Time. Everyone that plays along will receive a $1 coupon. Everyone with the correctly completed Word Search will be placed in a random list selector and one person will be chosen to win a $10 coupon to Connie's store. Email me with any questions. (Please note that the list of words does NOT download.)

Word List


Have fun and I'll see you all next Sunday!

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