Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Funday

Seems we have to wind up our April 12th puzzle, which was a hidden elements layout.  Here's the solution to the Pooh Bear layout.  The random winner was Heather Higgs. Congratulations, Heather!
All of your coupons were sent out last week.

I do apologize for disappearing last weekend.  Suffice to say, it's been a week!  Started out a weekend, then turned into a week.  And now I have a boo-boo wrist.  The great thing that came out of last week - I am getting a health care companion! Yep! I ordered a Baymax from the Disney Store.  have you all seen Big Hero 6 yet?

Since I have this boo-boo wrist, we will be doing another jigsaw puzzle this week. Part of me really wanted to do a Baymax game, and maybe I will yet!  Only as a hidden element puzzle. For now, we have a little jigsaw puzzle for your Sunday morning enjoyment.

Like the last one,  I would like for you to solve the puzzle and then email me the kit(s) used to create the layout!  Hint: the layout is in the Gotta Pixel gallery.   You should email your answer to me at coyotelady(at)gmail(dot)com by Friday, May 20, 2015 at 9 PM Eastern Time.  Like always.. everyone who plays along with me will receive a $1 coupon to Connie's store. Everyone with the correct response will be placed into the list randomizer and one lucky duck will receive a $10 coupon to Connie's store.

Reminder: the Jigsaw Puzzle does require Flash so don't try it on your mobile devices.  It can be completely right here on Connie's blog.  Did I cover everything? So let's move on to the puzzle!

Online jigsaw puzzles from

You all know that NSD is coming up!  I have no idea what surprises Connie may have in store for us. So I am not absolutely sure I will be doing a post next weekend.  But no worries. You know we always get the coupons out no matter what!  Wishing you all a great week and an ever better NSD!

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