Thursday, February 5, 2015

Can you Guess?

Oh my gosh!!!  I am super excited about tomorrow’s new release!!!  Yep be prepared for exclamation mark overload.  I’ll hold back today but I make no promises about tomorrow.  (Sitting on my hands, well, not a good idea since I need to type. What am I gonna do?  Rein it in, Susan, rein it in.)

Ahhhhh! This is so hard not to tell you what tomorrow’s kit/collection is.  Okay, I know, I’ll show you the sneak peek and then you guess the title.  How about that?  Yes, you can ask questions but I can’t promise that my answers will give you any help.   Here’s the sneak peek for you to begin your guessing with.  Bonus guess: Why am I super excited about this kit? (As in why is Susan so excited about this kit from Connie?)


I can’t wait to see what you have to say!  This is gonna be GOOD!  For those of you who don’t know me by Susan, I’m also known as IvoryKeys around digiland.  That may help you a little bit.  Yep, that will set you right. (Hello, Hagrid.)

What else is in the news with Connie Prince?  Well, today is the last day of the February 2015 Ginger Scraps Buffet Sale.  The “She Is..” Collection will be going to regular price after today so snag it now while it’s $1 – $2 per pack.



Tomorrow is also the last day to pick up the Project 2015: February Collection on sale as well.  This collection just makes me smile.  The colors, elements, doodles, and papers just bring out the inner sunshine!


Ginger Scraps
Gotta Pixel
Scrapbook Bytes


Today’s freebie blew me away the moment I saw it!  Laramie really outdid herself with this AMAZING Quick Page freebie!


Have a terrific Thursday!!!!


Tammy Morgan said...

Is it... Drama Queen???

Tammy Morgan said...

Ooooh, how about... "The Play's the Thing"!?!

Melissa said...

High School Musical? lol (my daughter and I watched all 3 the other day, so it's been in my head)

Laramie Coyote said...

LOL.. calm down, Susan!! (Of course I know what the kit is as well, but I am tight lipped!)

Robinson Nest said...

Theatre geek, drama queen would be my guess

Susan said...

Great guesses.... you'll be able to see in a few hours what the actual title is. :) Hey, Connie, I see a great title for a future kit in these answers. It would kinda fit my personality at moments. Hee Hee.

Laramie, I can't calm down! This is way too exciting!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! - Kat

marlah24 said...


omalley24 said...

Beautiful.. Heartfelt thanks.

Electra said...

Your designs are awesome, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful page-thanks for sharing