Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Take $2 Tuesday and So Many More Sales

My children have spent many hours of creative fun playing with play-doh over the years.  There is something freeing and magical that comes from those cans of squishy moldable mess.  Connie has a kit in the Take $2 Tuesday Sale today that is perfect for your little artists and future architects.  She also has a kit that is full of beauty and grace in the Take $2 Tuesday Sale.
Gotta Pixel:
Doh Fun - goo.gl/LgCctg
Wing & A Prayer - goo.gl/4rP0WZ

Ginger Scraps:
Doh Fun - goo.gl/7Cqqcy
Wing & A Prayer - goo.gl/EtOCUY

Scrapbook Bytes:
Doh Fun - goo.gl/sRijmN
Wing & A Prayer - goo.gl/L1kggk

Do you need your morning cup of java just to make it from point A to point B?  Connie’s Gotta Grab It Collection:: Love You Latte, is perfect for all you java junkies!

The Scrapbook Bytes January 2015 Grab A Byte Sale kicked off yesterday and Connie has a stunning collection waiting for you!  Razzle Dazzle will have you seeing sparkles  everywhere and maybe even belting out a show tune or two!

It’s Collab month over at Gotta Pixel and Connie has teamed up with two amazing Gotta Pixel designers to bring you some special goodies this month!
First, she teamed up with Meagan’s Creations to bring you “Chinese New Year!”  Release your inner dragon or center yourself with this delightful collection.


Second, Connie teamed up with Angelclaud ArtRoom to great a stunning new template collection that will set your next layout on the fast track to being finished in style!


I hope that in today’s sales you find something to use on your next layout.  (Of course you need to stop drooling on your keyboard first before you short it out!)  I’ll leave you today with this terrific Quick Page Freebie using P2015 January created by Deanna.
Have a wonderful day!


marlah24 said...

Very cute. Thanks!

Kathy said...

Thank you

Robinson Nest said...

Is anyone else having problems downloading this awesome quick page or is it just me??

Susan said...

I just downloaded the file and it downloaded perfectly for me. I even extracted the file to make sure the zip file wasn't corrupted and everything was there like it should be. Try refreshing the page (so it doesn't pull from the cache file) and try again.

I hope that solves your download issue. From there I'm at a loss as to what to try next since the file is working for me and a few others that I've had check the file out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! - Kat