Saturday, January 31, 2015

Confession, Sneak Peek, and a Freebie

Confession time.  I am addicted to Connie’s kits and templates.  I can’t help myself.  Every single one has to find it’s way into my cart and then onto my computer.  It’s an addiction that I do not plan on seeking intervention for so don’t even bother offering.  If you find yourself with this affliction then I wish you many smiles and many happy hours scrapping!  I will be more than happy to aid you in your quest for locating all the greatness that Connie has to offer.   Matter of fact….

Project 2015 February just released yesterday and it is vibrant, fun, and AMAZING!  You know the best deals are to be had when Connie’s bundles hit the stores for the first week, right?  (Well, there are those very RARE sales that happen but denying yourself the privilege of playing with Project 2015 for one of those is insane and I wouldn’t recommend it.  I mean it could be a whole year of waiting and that would just be cruel and unusual punishment!)  Connie has two special bundles to help you save time and money on this collection.  First, there’s the Mega Stash Bundle where you get the kit, border clusters, date pack, journal cards, predeco papers, P2015 quick pages, templates, and the extra paper pack.  Second, there’s the Art Journal AddOn Bundle that is extraordinary!  I can not even begin to tell you how much I LOVE the Art Journal packs!!

Ginger Scraps
Gotta Pixel
Scrapbook Bytes

I got to share a few inspiration layouts yesterday from Connie’s Creative Team and I’m happy to get to share a few more today.  There’s still more on their way for next week and I hope you find one that gets your creativity jump started.  Today’s layouts show you the versatility of this collection.

100-Day-Celebration-Feb-201_zpsd4e0cabdbirthdaygirlCPfeb2015bundle_zpsfr2awj6wMardi-Gras-Masks_JAK_Feb-2012Valentines Treats 650x650p4zo6

Tomorrow is February 1st and that means the Ginger Scraps Buffet Sale kicks off!  I have a sneak peek of what Connie has in store for you!  It’s a gentle and sweet collection that I think many of you are going to love.


Today’s the LAST day to pick up the Retiring Products before they are gone forever.  SOB!!!!  I still can’t believe I’m having to say good-bye to “We Are Family.”  Nope, I still haven’t changed out my timeline cover but since I picked up the Project 2015 February ones I plan on tackling that right after finishing up this post.  Go snag what you are missing now before it’s too late!


Ginger Scraps
Gotta Pixel
Scrapbook Bytes

I’m going to come back later with a freebie.  My stomach is growling and the smell of breakfast is distracting me.  My wonderful husband cooked breakfast this morning and it’s ready!  If I don’t get the freebie finished before we head off to the Mesquite Symphony concert we’re attending this evening, I’ll make sure I post it before I go to bed tonight.  I plan on getting it done this afternoon but sometimes I hit a creative block where other times everything just falls into place.  I have something in mind if I can just find the right words/quote/thoughts to make it reality.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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