Saturday, December 27, 2014

Retiring Products Sale

So, what are your plans for this weekend?  I have to say I got a late start on the day today after staying up way too late finishing up a book I started.  Thank goodness it’s Winter break!  Though now my youngest is begging for us to all get ready to go to the stores to spend her Christmas money. 

As the year is winding down Connie has a couple of special sales going on.  First up is her End of the Year 40% off Storewide Sale! cap_endofdecsale1225-end0102

Ginger Scraps
Go Digital Scrapbooking
Gotta Pixel

The other sale is only lasting through December 31st.  It’s time to say good-bye to some of Connie’s products to make room for new products that will be coming your way in 2015!  Check out Connie’s December 2014 Retiring Products Sale and pick up the goodies that you missed before they are gone!


Ginger Scraps
Gotta Pixel

I hope you took a lot of photos of your Christmas activities.  Deanna created this super fun quick page freebie with Santa Express for you!  Enjoy and have a wonderful Saturday!

May today be the start of something beautiful in your life!


Sondrart Designs said...

Really Cute, I get a corrupt file on the QP. I will check again.

Bonnie Jansen said...

It's adorable but only the preview shows up, no template.

Judy Poody said...

Thank you, So cute this is !!!

Anonymous said...

Looks cute, but the file isn't there when i download... kat

Anonymous said...

too cute.. back later when file is fixed! :))

Anonymous said...

Cute but unable to download QP

Kathy Edmunds said...

Darling page, but the file is not coming thru!

Susan said...

I'll see if I can get the file resent. I'm having some internet connection issues. It looked like the file was complete yesterday but it could easily have been corrupted if the connection went down while the upload was in process.

Susan said...

The file is fixed now and if you'll hit refresh before trying to download it should work for you. I apologize that it didn't work yesterday. This time of year we seem to have more connectivity issues in our area. I don't know if it's the weather or just more people online at the same time than normal. I'll keep checking my uploads closer for the next month. Enjoy!

DonnaK said...

Lovely page! I love the Polar Express story. Thank you Deanna and Connie for this special page.