Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Take $2 Tuesday Sale: November 4th, 2014 + So Much More

Hang on to your seats because you are about to fly through a lot of information from Designs by Connie Prince.  Are you set and secure?  Do you have everything you need?  Yes?  Let’s get started.

Today is Tuesday which means if you have $2 you can pick up either of these great kits while they are on sale for today only.  I love the owls in the Project 2013: September kit and Countdown to Christmas makes getting ready for the Holidays so much fun!


Ginger Scraps
Project 2013: September - goo.gl/v6fveD
Countdown To Christmas - goo.gl/2G72Gj

Gotta Pixel

Project 2013: September - goo.gl/nXdDX5
Countdown To Christmas - goo.gl/NfHr75

Scrapbook Bytes

Project 2013: September - goo.gl/gU0eay
Countdown To Christmas - goo.gl/u3wuaB

Go Digital Scrapbooking
- goo.gl/fx3OZf

Did you see what Connie released in the Ginger Scraps Buffet Sale?  Feels Like Home is one of those kits that makes you want to cuddle up by the fireside and enjoy the comfort of everything “home” can mean.

Digital Scrapbooking Day has come and gone for another year but Connie still has her out of this world 50% off Sale going on!  Did you have something on your wish list but were waiting to see what the damage was before picking it up?  Now’s the perfect time to get it (if you have the funds!).


Ginger Scraps: goo.gl/DQK8T
Go Digital Scrapbooking: goo.gl/fx3OZf
Gotta Pixel: goo.gl/Ub2EC
Scrapbook-Bytes: goo.gl/AgR8s
My Memories: goo.gl/XWfQeO

Connie is also offering this sweet kit for free with any purchase that totals $10 or more.   Be sure to read the ad for details.


The DSD Grab Bags are on sale for a few more days as well as the 2015 pre-made calendars or the 2015 Calendar templates.


Gotta Pixel - goo.gl/mLq6qy
Scrapbook Bytes - goo.gl/GbO5eB
Ginger Scraps - goo.gl/YR6l6C
Go Digital Scrapbooking - goo.gl/INInx8


Gotta Pixel - goo.gl/aUEiCk
Scrapbook Bytes - goo.gl/QcrRSZ
Ginger Scraps - goo.gl/x5NvIJ
Go Digital Scrapbooking - goo.gl/6wYCpf


Gotta Pixel - goo.gl/ya0hdm
Scrapbook Bytes - goo.gl/uUSWyv
Ginger Scraps - goo.gl/C49Ad1
Go Digital Scrapbooking - goo.gl/7xn0UI

Before you head off in your post DSD comatose state, here’s a freebie by Deanna using one of the 2015 Calendar Templates.  She left the dates off so you could add what ever month you would like!  It’s gorgeous, Deanna.  Thank you!


Have a terrific Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Thank you!! - Kat

Jennifer Moore said...

Love seeing how you can use the calendar template. Thank you.