Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Funday! Announcing last week's winner and a new jigsaw puzzle!

Hope you all had an awesome week!  We'll start off with the solution to last week's Word Search.

I will get your coupons out to you sometime today (Sunday) after I receive them from Connie!  But I can tell you that the number one winner on the randomized list is WITHNUTS!  Congratulations, Terry!   

We are going to do another Jigsaw Puzzle this week.  It seems like you all really like those.  I get more responders for a Jigsaw than any other game!  I know I promised a Hidden Mickey for this week.  Long story short, had my nerve block injection.   End of story.   

So... you all know how this works.  You need a real computer to solve these Jigsaws right here on Connie's blog.  Flash is required and most mobile services do not support Flash.  I went with Tricky this time (35 pieces).  I was thinking hard, but then I thought all those black pieces might be too hard.  You will send your answers to coyotelady(at)gmail(dot)com by Friday, 09/26/14 at 9 PM Eastern.

This is a two part puzzle.
Question 1) Where in Disney World is this attraction located?
Question 2) What is the name of this attraction?

Online jigsaw puzzles from

If you need a hint, drop me an email and I will give one hint on Wednesday.  Doesn't it look beautiful at night? And remember, the outline is larger than the puzzle solution so you have space to move the pieces around!!

Be sure to check out the Laramie's Disney Hints (here on Connie's blog - look at the Tabs) page. I added another awesome for you this week!  Hope you all have a great week.  See you next Sunday Funday!

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