Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekend Roundup

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. – Scott Adams

I found that quote this morning and it really spoke to my heart.  This week in my classroom, I’ve been going over my expectations and all the beginning of year stuff that has to happen. Two of the things I share with my students is that mistakes are how we learn and everyone makes mistakes, including me.  Now, how does that mistake become art?  Sometimes the mistakes we make are actually better than the plan we had in the first place.  Does that happen when you scrap?  It does for me and sometimes the mistake makes me stop and look at where I’m at in the process.  Sometimes I keep the mistake because it is quirky or even better than what I had planned.  So today I’m encouraging you to follow Scott Adam’s advice – make some mistakes and then figure out which ones you want to keep.

I love the look of the September Grab Bag.  We are still a little over a month away from Fall arriving where I live, but I look forward to the cooler temperatures and the crisp mornings.  Check out Connie’s September Grab Bag in her stores to see the full reveal.  This grab bag is only available through 9/4/14 where you get 6 packs for $5!  After that it will be broken into the individual packs.


Ginger Scraps -
Gotta Pixel -
Scrapbook Bytes -
Go Digital Scrapbooking -

The Ginger Scraps Buffet Sale begins on Monday!  Do you want a glimpse at what Connie has coming your way?


I can hardly wait!  This is going to be another stash builder that I have to have.  It’s too cute!

I’m off for the weekend but before I go, here’s your freebie for today.  I used Connie’s Ice Cream Social collection to make this cluster frame.  I hope you can use it to start a layout of your own.


Happy Scrapping Saturday!

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