Monday, May 19, 2014

Freebie Fix, Winner, Sales and a new Freebie

     Happy Monday to all!  I would like to apologize for last Monday's freebie.  Sorry about the text that made it unusable.  It made sense in my head and really did not work.  Then life happened.  Here is the new link with the fixed page.  You can download it HERE.  This is a preview of the fixed version.

     Now for my favorite part of the week.  Our winner for Show Off Wednesday is  SJ /shellbyj.  
Please email Connie at connie.prince08 at gmail dot com to receive your coupon code.  Congratulations.  I hope everybody will join me on Wednesday for another round.  It is fun to see everybody's creations.

    Now on sale is the Rock On Collection.  This is such a fun boy kit.  I have a son that has just discovered air guitar.  I can not wait to get pictures and use this kit.  It will be 40% off until May 22nd.  It is available at all of Connie's Stores:  GingerScraps, GottaPixel and ScrapbookBytes.
     It is also that time when Connie retires some kits to make room for all her new awesomeness.  Below is a picture of what will be retiring.  Each product pictured is $1-$1.50.   To get a closer look at what is retiring visit any of Connie's Stores: GingerScraps, GottaPixel and ScrapbookBytes.
   Last of all your new freebie.  I promise this one will work.  I used the new Rock On Collection.  I really did enjoy working with this kit.  You may download the freebie HERE.
 Enjoy and have a great week.


Susan said...

Beautiful Freebies Teresa! Thank you for all your posts and the adorable things you make for Connie.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! - Kat